Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Rush Rush...

That is our life at present. I am working 4 days this week so am trying to be extra organised. I think I'll be pretty tired by Friday night though.

Craig received another promotion and is running the Bundaberg/SE Qld part of Lindsay transport as well as the rural part of the company (P&H Rural) which is fertiliser, chemical and irrigation. He certainly has his work cut out for him now and will be flat out but is relishing the challenge.

I managed to sneak in my golf lesson last week but unfortunately the practice has been sadly lacking. Craig and I intend to go and have a game on Sunday now that his mother (our babysitter) has returned from New Zealand.

Craig and I went to a sports dinner with his company on Saturday night. It was quite a good evening with an ex cricketer and rugby player speaking and the usual sports memorabilia auction. Most memorable was the magician who chose me to be his assistant. I was so nervous standing up in front of about 120+people. He was very entertaining and I came home with a pink balloon poodle for the children.

Apart from dancing, the children spent the weekend in their blow up pool as it has got very hot again. They had a relatively quiet weekend which they needed. While I was washing the car on Saturday I spotted 2 kookaburras on the light pole. They seem to be hanging around so much lately, so much so that I wonder if their habitat is sadly being destroyed with all of the development going on around us at present. Thank goodness we have the big beautiful swamp close by.

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