Sunday, 24 October 2010

5 Today!

Our princess Penny turned 5 today. She has had a very happy day with a party for 15 friends, presents, lollies, presents, afternoon tea with Grandma, Nan and Ted and Aileen and presents (did I mention those). She didn't need much convincing to go to bed tonight. Photos below of her cake which I created with a little help from the Women's Weekly magazine and also our take on "pin the tail on the donkey". She also had pass the parcel and best of all a treasure hunt. She has had a wonderful day playing with all of her new toys.

***Happy birthday to my sister Robyn who celebrated her birthday on Friday. Hope you had a good day Rob xxx ***

Thank you to all for their kind words of sympathy on the loss of our dog, Zoe. We miss her dearly but it is getting easier with each day.
This week will be spent organising a Halloween costume for Nick who has a Halloween party to attend next Sunday. He's back to his fine form with spelling again - another 20/20! Well done Nick!
Have a good week.
 Rach xxx

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Goodbye Dear Zoe

Today we farewelled our dear Labrador, Zoe. She was 11 and 3/4 yrs old. Zoe brought us so much love and happiness and we all have such heavy hearts at present. We know that it was time for her to go as her cancer was advanced and making it difficult to walk. She wagged her tail until the end. We like to think that she is cancer-free and running and sniffing around a huge park in the sky. Rest in peace our sweet friend, Zoe. xxxx

Monday, 18 October 2010

Fame Again

My LO is in Scrapbooking Memories (V12N11; p83) which I received today. I was thrilled to see it in print and they even did a bit of a write up to go with it because of the way I had incorporated the journalling.
I had a good few days in Sydney. No time for shopping but attended an excellent echocardiography conference. I stayed in luxury at the Shangri-La at The Rocks and woke up to a view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. I must admit it has taken me a couple of days to recover from my "brain" fatigue.
Nick had a pupil free day today and had a friend over to play. They had a great time pottering in his cubby house and scootering around.
Have a good week.
Rach xxx

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Happy Birthday Miss Alex

My sweet niece, Alex is turning 11 on Thursday. She had major surgery last week which she has begun to recover from very well. So much so that she will be able to leave hospital tomorrow after 5.5wks. Home just in time for her birthday. Have a lovely day Alex - you deserve it. Thank you to all of my friends who have sent well wishes for Alex. She has needed every little prayer to get better and we feel so relieved that she is improving.
I am off to Sydney tomorrow, hence my early birthday wishes to Alex. I am attending a conference there for a few days in the lap of luxury. I'm very excited and love the motivation that conferences promote. Craig is returning from Cairns tomorrow and will be holding the fort.
 We are slowly organising our lives and gearing up for our big move. Amongst all of this, I took time out to attend my second last Simply Crafty Sunday scrap. I will really miss this group of ladies, some of whom I met over 6yrs ago. I didn't achieve much but really enjoyed their company. Here are 2 LO's I created.
Have a good week.
Rach xxx

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Good News

Someone has made us an excellent offer on our house! Woo hoo! Craig keeps telling me not to get too ahead of ourselves and the contract could all fall through but it's hard not to. These people don't want to move in until mid December when we were planning on moving out. Is something too perfect about all of this? Should I feel as though something is going to go wrong? Well I've decided no and am just going to feel positive about this new adventure in our lives.
OK after that bit of waffle, I remembered I had some LO's that I did a month or two ago that I haven't shared.

Happy Tuesday.
Rach xx

Monday, 4 October 2010

Holidays Over

That was quick. We all had a good break though. Our mad cleaning frenzy has not been in vain. We had people through the house this week. I like my tidy, clean house. I had mentioned to a friend about 12mths ago that I needed to move to have a good clean up and out. I looked through the cupboards again today and I don't think that there is too much more that I can get rid of. I have a few things that missed the garage sale which I will drop off at the charity shop tomorrow.
Nick and I spent 2 days last week sorting out his jumbled up Lego. He had multiple sets joined together and wouldn't re-build them as it was too hard to find the pieces. Now each set is packed and labeled in a snap lock bag. The left overs are colour coded in snap lock bags.
On Wednesday night we were picked up by limousine and driven to a lovely restaurant (Restaurant 55) to celebrate my good friend, Joanne's birthday. It was my first trip in a limo and would be very easy to get used to with champagne served whilst we were travelling. The food at the restaurant was superb as was the company. We had a great night out.

Saturday was filled with birthday parties and a get together for the re-run of the AFL grand final. Sunday was spent relaxing. Penny and I made her party invitations. She has many plans for her party and has been making lists since January!
Today Nick and I went to see "Despicable Me" which was a fun movie with a great message. Back to school tomorrow for Nick and his last term.
My niece Alex is entering her 5th week in hospital. We have everything crossed that she will keep improving. It is baby steps and getting really tough for her. Keep your chin up sweet girl.
Have a good week.
Rach xx