Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Good News

Someone has made us an excellent offer on our house! Woo hoo! Craig keeps telling me not to get too ahead of ourselves and the contract could all fall through but it's hard not to. These people don't want to move in until mid December when we were planning on moving out. Is something too perfect about all of this? Should I feel as though something is going to go wrong? Well I've decided no and am just going to feel positive about this new adventure in our lives.
OK after that bit of waffle, I remembered I had some LO's that I did a month or two ago that I haven't shared.

Happy Tuesday.
Rach xx

1 comment:

Cassie and Co said...

Good on you Rachel, It always feels good when things just fall into place, Karma is on your side.
At least now you can start the fun part of house hunting? is that right? I love looking through houses, I'm sure I would buy one a week if I had the money. Giggle.
Anyway all the best.