Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Layouts Galore

Shock, horror! I have produced 3 LO's in the last few days. I think my mojo is returning. On Sunday, my monthly scrapping group celebrated Christmas In July. We dressed up, ate Christmas fare and swapped little presents. I received a most gorgeous feathered scarf in pinks and oranges - thank you secret Santa. We had a lot of fun. I produced 2 LO's and then I did the "bowl cut" LO for this month's scrapjack last night.
Nick received worker of the week last Friday which he was very excited about as we were proud. Penny's curls have returned - just add water!
I've had a lovely pamper day today with having my hair and nails done. We have the medical ball to look forward to this weekend so primping and preening has begun. Hopefully I'll have time to take photos of us all spruced up.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Who Is This?

Doesn't Penny look different with straight hair? Family members please respond with whom you think she looks like particularly the one of her in the toy car. The reason she has straight hair is that her hairdresser decided it would be easier to cut. She is now Penny's new best friend and Penny wants her to come over and play! I thought she might be a bit worried about losing her curls, but was clearly wrong. She doesn't want to wet her hair tonight and has planned to wear a shower cap in the bath. The curls will be back tomorrow though with swimming lessons in the afternoon.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Player of the Week

Nicholas received this award on Saturday for his prowess at taking knocks in soccer! He was quite tired after the first week back at school which was very evident at his lack of enthusiasm on the field. Mind you he was not alone, they all seemed a bit dreamy. The knocks included a ball at fair speed into his abdomen and a ball at great speed into his forehead. No tears, just a few wobbly legs. His certificate entitles him to a free rental DVD which he's very excited about and has lined up for next weekend.
We had a reasonably quiet weekend as Craig played golf for most of it. We did enjoy a bite to eat on Friday night at a Mexican restaurant. We took the children and they thought it was very special.
I am madly cutting for our Christmas in July meeting of the scrapbooking club this weekend. We are having a swap where 10 of us make an embellishment x 10 and then swap them. The Cricut cutting machine is coming in very handy. Also on the list are Secret Santa presents and a Christmas delicacy for afternoon tea. It should be a fun and festive afternoon.
Here is a LO that I completed last week.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Term 3 Begins

Today we packed Nick off to school for the start of term 3 and Penny and I went onto the gym and then came home to the mountainous task of washing and ironing! Routine has returned - good and bad I guess.
The last week of the holidays was good. Nick and I had our special day together on Tuesday. We didn't do anything very different but we had fun shopping for presents and doing the food shopping together. He bought some more Bakugans which he was very excited about. That makes a total of 10 - he's Bakugan mad at present.
On Wednesday we helped Thea celebrate her 6th birthday at Lake Ellen playground (card above). It was lots of fun and I came home with 2 tired little children. Thursday and Friday was work for me so Nick went off to vacation care which is jam packed with activities.On Saturday we went to Brisbane and stayed with my brother, sister-in-law and their 2 children. At the end of our street Penny said she couldn't wait to get there which we heard many times during the 4hr journey. The children had a great time with their cousins. They danced, climbed trees, rode bikes and played in the cubby house with a possum. We went to Disney on Ice on Sunday which was spectacular. On Monday morning, Nicholas, Penny and I enjoyed some retail therapy whilst Craig went to work for a couple of hours. After a yummy morning tea and the opportunity to pick out a toy, I dragged the kids to Scrapbook City which is a shop that I buy from on-line. They had a TV and DVD for kids so I could shop to my hearts content. They had a great sale on and lots of lovely wares. The lady, Leisa who was lovely told me of their great retreat coming up in October which was very tempting. After this we began our trek home, having had a relaxing and very enjoyable weekend.
Now back to that ironing! Have a good week. Rach xx

Monday, 6 July 2009

Over half way...

through the school holidays. Nick and I had a great day together last Wednesday. We went to see Ice Age 3 with Petrina and her children which we really enjoyed. We then ventured to Toyworld to spend Nicholas' birthday money on Bakugans (little round balls that open up into little creatures when they hit their magnetic gate card) and the gameboard. Nicholas has really taken to the bakugan craze although he is a little young to work out the game as it is very complicated. We've had a few games but he has to be able to play it with someone who can read and add up. After Toyworld Nick wanted to go to McDonalds for lunch and a play.
We were busy painting the door hangers on the weekend which turned out really well. It was Nicholas' idea to apply the glitter whilst the paint was still wet which was very effective. I sprayed them with matte photo spray to stop the glitter from coming off.
On Sunday we got busy and made baby meringues and joined them together with chocolate. We made them as a gift for our dinner hosts last night, Marcus and Maree. We had the most delicious roast lamb and veg followed by a delicious fruit filled pavlova.
I also managed to complete this LO over the weekend.
Today was a quiet day at home which was very relaxing. The weather has turned cold during the day although you couldn't tell from Penny's attire over the weekend. She has taken to getting all of her summer clothes out and changing them about 5 times a day! Nick found this very beautiful and unusually patterned bug this morning in the garden and wanted me to photograph it. I think it might be time we bought him his first camera.