Friday, 15 February 2013


February already and mid way through at that. I have been busy with work in the last few weeks working 5 days a week (school hrs) as one of the other sonographers is away. It has been very busy at work with the back to school rush of Mums who wait until school goes back before they think about themselves and their ailments. I am looking forward to returning to 4 days next week and having my Friday to get all of those odd jobs done that I need to do since my children have returned to school.
The kids and Craig had a great week in Bundaberg and returned just before the big storm and flood hit up there. Our hearts go out to all of our friends in Bundaberg who have been affected. Parts of Bundaberg look like a war zone but they are a very motivated, tough, tight knit community who are getting on with it and trying to return their beautiful town to some sort of normality. The storm hit Brisbane later in the long weekend and was quite severe although I think it's intensity has weakened compared north of us. There were many huge trees down around the city but thankfully the flooding was minimal.
This week we went down to the school on two evenings to meet the children's teachers. Nic has a great teacher whom I'm sure will give him the big nudge he needs but in a gentle way. She has some great ideas and seems very switched onto the national curriculum in Qld, having written the science component for grade 5 last year. Penny's teacher is also very enthusiastic and Penny is always keen to please.
Penny is back to her jazz, tap and ballet on a Thursday and also performs a performance class on a Saturday in which she will learn a dance to perform at school fetes and eisteddfods. She has moved into the last swimming group (prior to squad) which we are thankful for. Having a pool at home has certainly improved her confidence and skills. On Wednesday morning Penny is having tennis coaching at school which she is enjoying.
Nic is really enjoying his tennis with two lessons of coaching a week and hoping to play fixtures soon. He is playing soccer again this year and practice will begin soon with matches commencing after Easter.
Well I best get the troops organised to leave for school.
Have a happy Friday and a great weekend.
Rach xx