Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Play Dates

The children have had many play dates these holidays. Last Thursday afternoon, Lleyton and Aida came to visit. They all had a great time playing with the train set and then it was off outside for some excavation, bubbles and running races. Aida enjoyed pushing Penny's dolly stroller around outside but she was a little perturbed by the enormity of our very friendly dog, Zoe. She felt safest in the sandpit. Penny was a little disappointed to miss out as she was at daycare but she has seen Lleyton and Aida twice since Thursday
On Saturday night we had a lovely barbecue with old and new friends and children (14 of us). Although I spent most of Saturday in the kitchen preparing I really enjoyed myself. I made some smoked salmon tartlets and an avocado dip to go with the anchovy stuffed olives and camembert for befores, and then I made a potato and tomato bake, tomato and marinated boccocini salad and a modified cesear salad with a red wine vinegar dressing to accompany the steak and sausages. My big flop was the pavlova for dessert as it just disintegrated when I took it out of the oven. I solved the problem by covering it with lashings of Kahlua cream, strawberries and kiwi fruit. We also had Cointreau strawberries. Strawberries are so cheap and delicious at present but unfortunately they are near the end of the season.
On Sunday we all woke up feeling a little exhausted as we didn't get to bed until after 10.30pm (kids as well). Craig toddled off to golf and the children and I enjoyed a couch day watching DVDs. We watched Surfs Up (very cute with a lovely message) together and I watched Made of Honour (totally predictable but I just love McDreamy). The children watched Flushed Away on Sunday evening and loved it. On Monday we went to pick up the DVD I reserved - Horton Hears A Who which I thought Penny would like but it was too old for her. It took a bit of convincing to get Nick to watch it. Not the best kids movie I've seen. Last night Craig and I watched 27 Dresses and I really enjoyed it - quite funny in parts.
On Monday afternoon I had 2 close friends and their children over for afternoon tea to celebrate one friend's birthday and catch up. We had a lovely time although it went far too quickly. We haven't caught up for so long so we have decided to go to dinner or a movie once a month and set the date for next month. I decorated a sponge with green icing and M&M's and we sang happy birthday which the children loved as much as blowing out the candles.
We went to swimming lessons today and then into the swim park again with out friends. Nick had a great time although Penny felt a little chilly because of the strong winds so didn't have much of a play. Penny really cracked me up tonight. After having her bath I asked her to get her brush. She came out brushing her hair back from her face and said, "(I am) so beautiful". It was hilarious because of the tone she said it in, and we had a good laugh. Well must be off as I have work tomorrow. Have a good week.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

At last ...

the layout I promised to show. I finished it last week but found my photos of it to be quite average so I photographed it tonight with my big flash fitted to the camera. The layout is from Christmas Day 2007 when we came home from Christmas lunch. The weather was turning stormy and the pool was filthy so it needed emptying. Whilst we weren't looking our two angels went and stomped in the water puddle in their Christmas best! It didn't matter as they were quite dirty themselves and they had such fun.
Unfortunately I haven't scrapped in a couple of weeks due to work, fatigue and a big weekend. We went to the Fruit and Vegetable Grower's Dinner on Saturday night which was a very big occasion in more ways than one! It was the 60th anniversary and the civic centre was decked out in stunning black and white striped table cloths topped with red and white striped hat boxes with huge black and red balloons suspended from them. It really did look stunning. We arrived to drinks in Buss Park and then followed a gentleman playing the bagpipes into the dinner. It certainly took me back to school days and the Scottish heritage that my old school beholds. Dinner was lovely and the entertainer was a magician who was very clever although a little tame doing card tricks rather than cutting people in half! The dinner was very well attended by about 550 people. It was lovely to get really dressed up in formal gear as it seems to be a rarer occurrence these days. Unfortunately, I overindulged on the wine and felt very unwell on Sunday but thank goodness we all felt quite tired so afternoon sleeps were enjoyed by all.

Nick is on school holidays for this week and next. I am only working on Wednesday and Friday during the holidays and it is great to have mornings where we aren't pressured by time. Monday saw the monumental setting up of Nick's Thomas train track which is huge. On Tuesday after Penny's swimming lesson we went out to the water park at our swim centre and had some lunch and a play with some other swimming friends. Despite the chilly water the children had fun on the little water slides. Nick went to vacation care on Wednesday where he enjoyed Chinese food, ice cream and other sweet treats. He even came home with a little car which he had won for being the best behaved - shock, horror! Today Penny went to daycare and Nick and I had some time together. We went to see a movie called Space Chimps which had a few laughs.
It is very windy at present and all Hanny cat wants to do is be inside with her second favourite friend, Penny (I hope I'm still the first favourite). They adore each other as long as Hannah doesn't try and get on Penny's lap. Here they are watching some early morning television together.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

A New Layout

Finally, I have a new layout to share. After creating 17 cards over a couple of weeks I felt a little scrapped out. The layout is of Penny on Alex and Lachie's rocking horse in Brisbane on our last visit in April. The components of the layout are from the September challenge pack from the CAC.

Yesterday morning, we visited the 'swamp' which is a huge, beautiful area close to home full of wildlife with plenty of walking/riding tracks.The children rode their bikes all around. The highlight for Nick was riding flat out through a concrete concavity that had about 5 inches of water in it. He ended up with muddy legs and a wet bottom and back - great fun! We then returned home to give the bikes a much needed wash down.

After a long Saturday afternoon sleep (holidays can't come soon enough), the children and I mucked around outside on the bikes, in the sandpit and playing soccer and totem tennis. Above is Penny in her new acquisition for the week - sunglasses. She has been harping for them for some time. They are in her hands more than they are on her face but she loves them.

Saturday night saw us at a going away dinner at a sports club for the guy whose job Craig is taking over. We took the children as it was a family night and had an enjoyable evening.

Despite the children's late night, they still rose early on Sunday and henceforth we were also up early. Nick and I did many jobs including his homework for which he earned $2. He is saving madly for the fire station Lego set which I will take him to buy in the holidays as I think he is only $5 short of now. It will be a good project to keep him busy for 2 weeks. He loves his Lego and spends hours building with it.

I spent Sunday afternoon at my scrapbooking club which was very enjoyable and relaxing. I did a double page layout which I will add the finishing touches to over the next few days. I didn't achieve much but enjoyed the chat with the girls.

Only one more week and Nick will be on school holidays. He is really looking forward to the break as he is feeling very tired at present. Craig is off to school with him in the morning to look at the art gallery that he and his classmates have made.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Happy Father's Day!

After a later than usual waking time 6.15am instead of before 6am, the children were up and excited about Father's Day once Mummy had reminded them. Both kids had made Daddy a card and Penny had done a painting and Nick had made Dad a 'beer' coaster according to him despite it having a picture of a coffee cup (not sure that the school would be politically correct pushing drinking). We had also bought Daddy the Whitlams latest CD and a great hit - chocolate tools. We then ventured down to Kacy's restaurant at Bargara for a delicious breakfast.
Then over the road to play on the turtle playground on the beach front and of course a trip to the beach must include sand and salt water between one's toes.
Apart from a cool breeze, the sunshine was gorgeous. The water was pretty cold but the kids had fun getting their feet wet. A sleep and a relax is planned for the rest of the day. Happy Father's Day to my Dad in Adelaide and also to all of the other fathers around Australia - have a great day!

I just love this photo of Nick. The water looks so magical. He stops momentarily and poses for a photo for me these days. Just another sign that he is growing up so fast.

Two In the Bed ...

Last night Penny and Nicholas had a very late night. They called me to Nick's room and informed me that they had decided to sleep in the same bed. Being a Saturday night and given that they had had such a good day playing well together we allowed it on the proviso that they were asleep by 9pm. Can you guess where they slept? Yes, 9pm arrived all too quickly and according to them they hadn't finished playing but were very tired so Penny went to her bed and they were both sound asleep shortly after.

Here is the new Penny - Little Miss Impossible! The terrible 3's are setting in already. Where has my gorgeous compliant little girl gone? I think that we have had a pretty good run to get this far without her bucking up too much but we have pleaded with her to bring back the good little Penny. She has become extremely independent and is growing up so quickly. My baby, you're still pretty cute even when you are mad!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

No More Drips In My Eyes Please Mummy...

Penny developed conjunctivitis on Tuesday and hasn't taken well to having eye drops put in her eyes three times a day. She stayed home from daycare on Wednesday with Grandma and had a great time because she wasn't very sick. Unfortunately she missed her group photo at daycare because of this but will have her individual photos tomorrow.
We had torrential rain today which caused a bit of chaos at work with water coming through the ceiling. It was lovely to have good soaking rain with a little more forecast tomorrow followed by a sunny weekend. Nick loved being able to wear his raincoat to school today even though it was only spitting by the time we arrived.
I booked to go to a scrapping day (12hrs) at the local scrapping shop in October to raise money for the breast cancer fund. I'm very excited as
Loretta Grayson, a very talented scrapper from Warwick I think, is being brought up to teach some classes as is my talented friend Petrina. It should be a very enjoyable day.
Best be off to complete some more cards-10down, 7 to go.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Spring Has Sprung (thank goodness)!

Gee the weekend warmed up and we even got out shorts and t-shirts. It seems that our Winter has been much cooler and longer than in recent years. Above is a photo taken last week of our cat, Hannah and Penny curling up in front of the TV under a rug, mid morning. This week is warmer and even a touch more humid with rain clouds around.

On Saturday morning we ventured out to Nick's last session of Squirts Soccer which he was relieved about. He hasn't really enjoyed this last 6 week session but when asked who was coming back next year he put his hand up!?! He will be too old for Squirts next year and will have to join a team and play Roo Ball so we will see if he has interest next year. After their game, the children were shown around the whole complex - change rooms, big boys games, trophy room, accident cart, presidents room etc and they were given a lollipop which Nick was very impressed with.

The children enjoyed an afternoon with Dad whilst I went to a good friend's linen party and did the shopping in peace. Mind you I find I talk to myself when the kids aren't there as I am so used to having them with me! I couldn't resist buying a few things at the party - lovely cushion covers and a table runner.

We went to the beach on Sunday morning for the children to have a play on the turtle and a run on the beach and then they both devoured a chocolate milk very hastily. It was a lovely morning as the sun was shining and warm. On Sunday afternoon whilst Craig played golf, the children and I ventured over to the botanical gardens for a 2yo birthday party - friend of Penny's from daycare. The children had a lovely time playing on the playground and then after a party feast and present opening we went down to the old steam train for a ride around the gardens. Penny was a little frightened at first but after the second trip around she was really enjoying herself and piped up, "Let's do that again". Unfortunately it was the last trip for the day. Next was the feeding of the ducks, turtles, and yucky eels (they're huge) and then a quick play back up at the playground. One little girl was quite distressed about going home as she had had such a great time.

We're back into the swing of the week. I have had 2 days off in which I have been to the gym twice, enjoyed swimming with Penny and done mountains of ironing due to Craig's frequent trips away. I will work for the next 3 days so will more than likely get little else done. Have a good week.