Thursday, 4 September 2008

No More Drips In My Eyes Please Mummy...

Penny developed conjunctivitis on Tuesday and hasn't taken well to having eye drops put in her eyes three times a day. She stayed home from daycare on Wednesday with Grandma and had a great time because she wasn't very sick. Unfortunately she missed her group photo at daycare because of this but will have her individual photos tomorrow.
We had torrential rain today which caused a bit of chaos at work with water coming through the ceiling. It was lovely to have good soaking rain with a little more forecast tomorrow followed by a sunny weekend. Nick loved being able to wear his raincoat to school today even though it was only spitting by the time we arrived.
I booked to go to a scrapping day (12hrs) at the local scrapping shop in October to raise money for the breast cancer fund. I'm very excited as
Loretta Grayson, a very talented scrapper from Warwick I think, is being brought up to teach some classes as is my talented friend Petrina. It should be a very enjoyable day.
Best be off to complete some more cards-10down, 7 to go.

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Helen said...

Hi Rachael, just found your blog via Petrina's. Great job, love the pages, I haven't scrapped for ages but will do some cards on the weekend too. Hope your kids are feeling better soon, we hate eye drops too!