Thursday, 25 September 2008

At last ...

the layout I promised to show. I finished it last week but found my photos of it to be quite average so I photographed it tonight with my big flash fitted to the camera. The layout is from Christmas Day 2007 when we came home from Christmas lunch. The weather was turning stormy and the pool was filthy so it needed emptying. Whilst we weren't looking our two angels went and stomped in the water puddle in their Christmas best! It didn't matter as they were quite dirty themselves and they had such fun.
Unfortunately I haven't scrapped in a couple of weeks due to work, fatigue and a big weekend. We went to the Fruit and Vegetable Grower's Dinner on Saturday night which was a very big occasion in more ways than one! It was the 60th anniversary and the civic centre was decked out in stunning black and white striped table cloths topped with red and white striped hat boxes with huge black and red balloons suspended from them. It really did look stunning. We arrived to drinks in Buss Park and then followed a gentleman playing the bagpipes into the dinner. It certainly took me back to school days and the Scottish heritage that my old school beholds. Dinner was lovely and the entertainer was a magician who was very clever although a little tame doing card tricks rather than cutting people in half! The dinner was very well attended by about 550 people. It was lovely to get really dressed up in formal gear as it seems to be a rarer occurrence these days. Unfortunately, I overindulged on the wine and felt very unwell on Sunday but thank goodness we all felt quite tired so afternoon sleeps were enjoyed by all.

Nick is on school holidays for this week and next. I am only working on Wednesday and Friday during the holidays and it is great to have mornings where we aren't pressured by time. Monday saw the monumental setting up of Nick's Thomas train track which is huge. On Tuesday after Penny's swimming lesson we went out to the water park at our swim centre and had some lunch and a play with some other swimming friends. Despite the chilly water the children had fun on the little water slides. Nick went to vacation care on Wednesday where he enjoyed Chinese food, ice cream and other sweet treats. He even came home with a little car which he had won for being the best behaved - shock, horror! Today Penny went to daycare and Nick and I had some time together. We went to see a movie called Space Chimps which had a few laughs.
It is very windy at present and all Hanny cat wants to do is be inside with her second favourite friend, Penny (I hope I'm still the first favourite). They adore each other as long as Hannah doesn't try and get on Penny's lap. Here they are watching some early morning television together.

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