Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Spring Has Sprung (thank goodness)!

Gee the weekend warmed up and we even got out shorts and t-shirts. It seems that our Winter has been much cooler and longer than in recent years. Above is a photo taken last week of our cat, Hannah and Penny curling up in front of the TV under a rug, mid morning. This week is warmer and even a touch more humid with rain clouds around.

On Saturday morning we ventured out to Nick's last session of Squirts Soccer which he was relieved about. He hasn't really enjoyed this last 6 week session but when asked who was coming back next year he put his hand up!?! He will be too old for Squirts next year and will have to join a team and play Roo Ball so we will see if he has interest next year. After their game, the children were shown around the whole complex - change rooms, big boys games, trophy room, accident cart, presidents room etc and they were given a lollipop which Nick was very impressed with.

The children enjoyed an afternoon with Dad whilst I went to a good friend's linen party and did the shopping in peace. Mind you I find I talk to myself when the kids aren't there as I am so used to having them with me! I couldn't resist buying a few things at the party - lovely cushion covers and a table runner.

We went to the beach on Sunday morning for the children to have a play on the turtle and a run on the beach and then they both devoured a chocolate milk very hastily. It was a lovely morning as the sun was shining and warm. On Sunday afternoon whilst Craig played golf, the children and I ventured over to the botanical gardens for a 2yo birthday party - friend of Penny's from daycare. The children had a lovely time playing on the playground and then after a party feast and present opening we went down to the old steam train for a ride around the gardens. Penny was a little frightened at first but after the second trip around she was really enjoying herself and piped up, "Let's do that again". Unfortunately it was the last trip for the day. Next was the feeding of the ducks, turtles, and yucky eels (they're huge) and then a quick play back up at the playground. One little girl was quite distressed about going home as she had had such a great time.

We're back into the swing of the week. I have had 2 days off in which I have been to the gym twice, enjoyed swimming with Penny and done mountains of ironing due to Craig's frequent trips away. I will work for the next 3 days so will more than likely get little else done. Have a good week.

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Petrina McDonald said...

we love that train too!