Sunday, 14 September 2008

A New Layout

Finally, I have a new layout to share. After creating 17 cards over a couple of weeks I felt a little scrapped out. The layout is of Penny on Alex and Lachie's rocking horse in Brisbane on our last visit in April. The components of the layout are from the September challenge pack from the CAC.

Yesterday morning, we visited the 'swamp' which is a huge, beautiful area close to home full of wildlife with plenty of walking/riding tracks.The children rode their bikes all around. The highlight for Nick was riding flat out through a concrete concavity that had about 5 inches of water in it. He ended up with muddy legs and a wet bottom and back - great fun! We then returned home to give the bikes a much needed wash down.

After a long Saturday afternoon sleep (holidays can't come soon enough), the children and I mucked around outside on the bikes, in the sandpit and playing soccer and totem tennis. Above is Penny in her new acquisition for the week - sunglasses. She has been harping for them for some time. They are in her hands more than they are on her face but she loves them.

Saturday night saw us at a going away dinner at a sports club for the guy whose job Craig is taking over. We took the children as it was a family night and had an enjoyable evening.

Despite the children's late night, they still rose early on Sunday and henceforth we were also up early. Nick and I did many jobs including his homework for which he earned $2. He is saving madly for the fire station Lego set which I will take him to buy in the holidays as I think he is only $5 short of now. It will be a good project to keep him busy for 2 weeks. He loves his Lego and spends hours building with it.

I spent Sunday afternoon at my scrapbooking club which was very enjoyable and relaxing. I did a double page layout which I will add the finishing touches to over the next few days. I didn't achieve much but enjoyed the chat with the girls.

Only one more week and Nick will be on school holidays. He is really looking forward to the break as he is feeling very tired at present. Craig is off to school with him in the morning to look at the art gallery that he and his classmates have made.

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