Sunday, 7 September 2008

Two In the Bed ...

Last night Penny and Nicholas had a very late night. They called me to Nick's room and informed me that they had decided to sleep in the same bed. Being a Saturday night and given that they had had such a good day playing well together we allowed it on the proviso that they were asleep by 9pm. Can you guess where they slept? Yes, 9pm arrived all too quickly and according to them they hadn't finished playing but were very tired so Penny went to her bed and they were both sound asleep shortly after.

Here is the new Penny - Little Miss Impossible! The terrible 3's are setting in already. Where has my gorgeous compliant little girl gone? I think that we have had a pretty good run to get this far without her bucking up too much but we have pleaded with her to bring back the good little Penny. She has become extremely independent and is growing up so quickly. My baby, you're still pretty cute even when you are mad!

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Petrina McDonald said...

hilarious!! love that photo of Penny!