Sunday, 30 May 2010

Much Achieved!

I've had a good week this week in that I have achieved so much but have felt relaxed. I managed to churn out a newsletter article for the educational ultrasound newsletter that I put together, a couple of LO's (only one photographed), designing for my June cards done and cleaned up the house.

We had show holiday here on Thursday and had a lovely relaxing day at home with a trip to the park where Nick could practice his Crusty Demon jumps. My father taught Nick how to ride his bike up and over some dirt jumps/hills. We have had 2 visits to the jumps since they left. He had a huge stack on Thursday but got straight back on and was off again. I think he might take after his cousin Lachlan who has a real dirt motorbike! No show for us this year, perhaps again next year.
Penny was very excited as I bought her some special (2nd hand) jazz shoes for her to wear to dancing on Saturday. She has spent the whole weekend dancing around in them. She seems obsessed with dancing at present and everyday she dances in her costumes in front of her mirror with some new "The Fairies" music. I love to sneak a peek through the crack in the closed door.
Here are some photos of the girl cubby and boy cubby that reside in our backyard. Penny's has a new cupcake verandah cover and curtains as well as a couple of coats of varnish on the outside, a blue feature wall on the inside and some new flowers. Nicholas and Dad decided his cubby needed a roof so they designed a way to put a garden friendly roof on. Boys or girls are allowed in either cubby, mood permitting!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


At last I have got back to my blog. Such a long time between posts but busy family times have seen my computing time dwindle. Mum and Dad spent 6 nights with us last week. We had fun finishing off both cubby houses - one distinctly girly and one that required secret men's business! I'll post photos of both later in the week. We visited an aerial museum which was fascinating. It was a very restful time.
The week prior to my parents arrival was particularly crazy with 3.5 working days but I had a lovely week last week with only 2 days work.
Featured below are 2 LO's I completed at the Sunday scrap on Mother's Day. I have also done another 2 LO's but cannot show them at present. Will let you in on the secret later in June!
Nick scored 2 goals on Saturday at soccer and played really well. He continues to keep me poor in shelling out for lunch orders due to his impeccable record on his spelling tests. Penny is right into her dancing and even showed us a very sweet ballet dance which involved her being a cat. She is thriving in her pre-Prep room at daycare.
Have a good week.
Rach xx

Monday, 10 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all of the Mum's had a lovely Mother's day yesterday, I certainly did and was spoilt rotten. The presents - homemade cards, keyring and homemade writing paper, chocolates, long stem red roses and an automatic coffee machine.
The food - restaurant breakfast at the beach with Craig, Nicholas and Penny; lunch with my scrapbooking friends and dinner with Craig's mother and grandmother at home. I could hardly roll over in bed last night after all that food. We had a lovely time playing on the play ground at the beach and going for a walk on the rocky path after breakfast and I took some great photos of the kids.
My monthly scrap meet fell on this w/end and so we decided to go ahead and make it a bit special with a yummy lunch, laughs, chocolates and of course a little scrapbooking. Craig cooked dinner (roast vegies and a chicken from the shop) for us which was great and then my day ended with two weeks worth of ironing! The coffee machine is a big luxury but one I have been wanting for a long time now and it makes beautiful coffee without the mess of a manual coffee machine (which we had and never used). Trade off for the big expensive boat Craig has just purchased!!!
I get to spend a belated Mother's Day with my Mum this w/end coming. Mum and Dad will arrive on Friday and stay for 6 nights before venturing to Brisbane to visit my brother and his family. The kids are so excited as we all are. I made the card below for Mum. I made Craig's mother a different one and forgot to photograph it unfortunately.

Have a good week. Mine is busy with preparing the house for the visitors and a little more work than usual.
Rach xx

Monday, 3 May 2010

Happy Birthday Nick!

On Friday, Nicholas turned 7. I was an exciting morning despite Daddy's absence. He enjoyed opening his presents which included a Wii game, board games, card games, chapter books, Avatar DVD, soccer ball and towel. Then it was off to school where he shared 25 cupcakes with his class that I had cooked and iced the night before. He also received some Lego and Wii games and we have to visit the post office tomorrow to pick up a parcel. He was most disappointed to discover the post office was closed on Saturday due to the Labour Day weekend up here in Qld.
On the weekend, Craig's sister, Annette came down from Cairns and stayed with us for one night which was good fun. We went out for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate Nick's birthday.

Craig headed off for Brisbane this morning to board a flight to Sydney this afternoon. He is jet setting between Sydney and Melbourne this week for work.

Penny is feeling a bit under the weather with a head cold but still enjoyed dancing on Saturday.

I have been busy this week painting Penny's cubby house with a blue feature wall on the inside. At present I am making curtains for it which have been a long time coming considering I purchased the material last May!

I made some cards last weekend and finished off a LO. Another of my LO's was accepted by another scrapbboking magazine for publishing which again was pretty exciting.