Sunday, 30 May 2010

Much Achieved!

I've had a good week this week in that I have achieved so much but have felt relaxed. I managed to churn out a newsletter article for the educational ultrasound newsletter that I put together, a couple of LO's (only one photographed), designing for my June cards done and cleaned up the house.

We had show holiday here on Thursday and had a lovely relaxing day at home with a trip to the park where Nick could practice his Crusty Demon jumps. My father taught Nick how to ride his bike up and over some dirt jumps/hills. We have had 2 visits to the jumps since they left. He had a huge stack on Thursday but got straight back on and was off again. I think he might take after his cousin Lachlan who has a real dirt motorbike! No show for us this year, perhaps again next year.
Penny was very excited as I bought her some special (2nd hand) jazz shoes for her to wear to dancing on Saturday. She has spent the whole weekend dancing around in them. She seems obsessed with dancing at present and everyday she dances in her costumes in front of her mirror with some new "The Fairies" music. I love to sneak a peek through the crack in the closed door.
Here are some photos of the girl cubby and boy cubby that reside in our backyard. Penny's has a new cupcake verandah cover and curtains as well as a couple of coats of varnish on the outside, a blue feature wall on the inside and some new flowers. Nicholas and Dad decided his cubby needed a roof so they designed a way to put a garden friendly roof on. Boys or girls are allowed in either cubby, mood permitting!

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