Monday, 26 October 2009

I'm Getting Published!

After completing my blog post today I decided to try my luck with a couple of scrapbooking magazines and sent them the 2 LO's that I did yesterday. One of my LO's has been accepted by Scrapbook Creations for publishing early next year hence the reason for replacement of the LO in the previous post with a randy, hungry peacock that I photographed at Coffs Harbour on our holiday. I won't believe it until I see it in print as they can sometimes change their minds. I even get paid although unfortunately it won't buy me my next BMW. I was absolutely thrilled to receive the email. It made my day. I'll let you know if and when it makes it to the magazine for sale.

New Layouts

I went to scrapbooking with the girls yesterday for 5 hrs and had a lovely time. I didn't actually complete a LO but was able to put the finishing touches on last night. They are from 3 and a half years ago and very obviously I am a long way behind but over time the number of photos I have taken each month have reduced. I keep telling myself it is a work in progress so as to not stress over it. I managed to get another LO started and will work on that tonight and then I need to put it all away to write an educational newsletter for work and get onto the Christmas cards as that time of year fast approaches.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

My Baby Is 4!

This time 4 years ago I was blissfully aware at how clever I felt at producing a little girl to complete our pigeon pair. Penny had a lovely day yesterday at daycare with her friends where she shared cupcakes and baby meringues. Today she woke to a lounge room of presents and was in a rush to open all of them. She was very excited on Thursday when we came home to discover 3 parcels on the door step. Thank you to all who sent presents and phoned today. Then it was off to dancing where all of her friends gathered around her in a circle and sang happy birthday. We then met Nicholas and Craig out at Krazy Maze for a play and then across to McDonalds for lunch - all her choice. A sleep was desperately needed at lunch time to recharge the batteries so that she could get down to some good hard playing this afternoon with all of her new toys. Her choice for dinner was just plain spiral pasta and ice cream with ice magic and sprinkles. Very easily accommodated.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Painful Exercise

I returned to the gym last week after an absence for a month and really suffered for the rest of the week. I couldn't return until 6 days later, although feel OK after the later session.
We're right into the swing of term 4 although already feeling tired. Nick has been put up to level 4 at swimming and now swims the length of the pool. Penny's dancing is going well with costume organisation in full swing.
We went fishing on Sunday morning in our little boat and caught a few whiting and bream in the river. Whilst it wasn't the most successful fishing trip in terms of yield, it was a beautiful morning on the water without a breath of wind.
Nicholas had a pupil free day today so he joined us to do the shopping and then we had friends, Lleyton and Aida over for a play this afternoon.
I have completed another LO over the weekend. I really like doing these picture type LO's that involves creating a background scene.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Creativity has returned ...

at long last. This week I completed 2 layouts and a house warming card. I have made a lot of cards in the last few months but haven't been able to show them as I haven't given them out yet.
Penny returned to dancing for term 4 and the countdown to her concert has begun. She will be involved in 3 shows over the first weekend in December. She was asked to try on and model the little skirt and this week we are going to source a leotard to match. She is really loving her dancing now. She can do all of the opening dance to Hi5 which is on the TV on weekdays at present. We tape the show and regularly catch her doing the dance. She tells us she is just learning the words to the song now. It is very entertaining.
Today we visited the pool where Nick and Penny have lessons for a play around. The kids just love jumping in and racing each other on the noodles. This afternoon I went to a craft market at the local gallery which was good. I think I might make some cards to sell next year.
We have a busy week coming up with school talks, dancing costumes and I am heavily involved with organising the school fun fair which is in 5 weeks. Also a night out at a friend's house for a viewing of a new range of clothes which will be fun.
Have a good week.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Pirate Penny

We attended 2 birthday parties on Saturday. The morning pirate party was for a little girl who Penny attends daycare with. As we had been away from daycare, we only received the invitation on Friday morning leaving little time to put together a costume. She still looked pretty cute, I think. The party was at a park at the beach that we hadn't discovered before so the children had a great time. After a much needed slumber that I had to wake Penny from we were onto the next party for our 5 yr old friend Lleyton. The children played lots of party games and had more fun.
On Sunday after I had cleaned the house and done a mountain of ironing from the holiday, we sat down with a few friends to watch the rugby league grand final which was a relaxing way to top off the weekend.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Goodbye Sam

Penny's best friend from daycare, Samuel left last Thursday to go and live on the family farm in NSW. Before they left, Sam, his sister, Jessica and mum, Merissa spent the morning with us. We were very thankful to be home from our holiday before they departed. The children enjoyed a party morning tea as an early celebration of Penny's birthday. Sam gave Penny a pretty silver and pink charm bracelet and ring which was the perfect present for our girlie girl. The children had fun playing outside together blowing bubbles, digging in the sandpit and making play dough cookies. We then enjoyed lunch together followed by cuddles all round on their departure. I think the Mums were sadder than the kids! Penny felt a little lost without her mate at daycare on Friday but the teachers were very aware of this and gave her plenty of distracting activities and cuddles. Penny tells us that she loves Sammy and she is going to marry him and live on the farm but of course Mummy has to come too! We hope to see Sam and his lovely family again when they visit us or when we venture back down to NSW again.

Friday, 2 October 2009

We're back from holidays...

and what a great time we had. We visited the northern beaches of NSW. There are so many lovely beaches and towns within very close proximity of each other. We had one night in Tweed Heads, 2 nights in Ballina, 2 nights in Yamba, 3 nights in Coffs Harbour and then returned to Qld for a relax in Noosa for a couple of nights. Our favourite town was without a doubt Yamba. It is only small but has great beaches, fishing and gorgeous boutiques as well as a scrapbooking shop. We have a plan to return with our little boat and spend a week there. I would've liked to spend more time in Byron Bay to have a look around -put that on the to do list. The children loved the Macadamia Castle just north of Ballina which had put-put golf, a little train to ride on a fantastic tree house to climb and many animals to feed and pat. They also enjoyed the Pet Porpoise Pool at Coffs Harbour with the usual dolphin and seal shows but more hands on in that they received dolphin and seal kisses and were able to hand feed fairy penguins. They were just terrified of the overly friendly and rather large peacocks who were feeling a little peckish. It was very relaxing in that we ate out so I didn't have to cook and I read 3 books.
The girls out fishing the boys (4 to 2) at Whiting Beach, Yamba.