Saturday, 24 October 2009

My Baby Is 4!

This time 4 years ago I was blissfully aware at how clever I felt at producing a little girl to complete our pigeon pair. Penny had a lovely day yesterday at daycare with her friends where she shared cupcakes and baby meringues. Today she woke to a lounge room of presents and was in a rush to open all of them. She was very excited on Thursday when we came home to discover 3 parcels on the door step. Thank you to all who sent presents and phoned today. Then it was off to dancing where all of her friends gathered around her in a circle and sang happy birthday. We then met Nicholas and Craig out at Krazy Maze for a play and then across to McDonalds for lunch - all her choice. A sleep was desperately needed at lunch time to recharge the batteries so that she could get down to some good hard playing this afternoon with all of her new toys. Her choice for dinner was just plain spiral pasta and ice cream with ice magic and sprinkles. Very easily accommodated.

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Linda M said...

Don't they grow up very quickly, glad you had a good day, no doubt Penny had a good day.