Sunday, 11 October 2009

Creativity has returned ...

at long last. This week I completed 2 layouts and a house warming card. I have made a lot of cards in the last few months but haven't been able to show them as I haven't given them out yet.
Penny returned to dancing for term 4 and the countdown to her concert has begun. She will be involved in 3 shows over the first weekend in December. She was asked to try on and model the little skirt and this week we are going to source a leotard to match. She is really loving her dancing now. She can do all of the opening dance to Hi5 which is on the TV on weekdays at present. We tape the show and regularly catch her doing the dance. She tells us she is just learning the words to the song now. It is very entertaining.
Today we visited the pool where Nick and Penny have lessons for a play around. The kids just love jumping in and racing each other on the noodles. This afternoon I went to a craft market at the local gallery which was good. I think I might make some cards to sell next year.
We have a busy week coming up with school talks, dancing costumes and I am heavily involved with organising the school fun fair which is in 5 weeks. Also a night out at a friend's house for a viewing of a new range of clothes which will be fun.
Have a good week.

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Petrina McDonald said...

oh i love that housewarming card - i bet you get a lovely comment from that one. see you for coffee tomorrow ?