Monday, 19 October 2009

Painful Exercise

I returned to the gym last week after an absence for a month and really suffered for the rest of the week. I couldn't return until 6 days later, although feel OK after the later session.
We're right into the swing of term 4 although already feeling tired. Nick has been put up to level 4 at swimming and now swims the length of the pool. Penny's dancing is going well with costume organisation in full swing.
We went fishing on Sunday morning in our little boat and caught a few whiting and bream in the river. Whilst it wasn't the most successful fishing trip in terms of yield, it was a beautiful morning on the water without a breath of wind.
Nicholas had a pupil free day today so he joined us to do the shopping and then we had friends, Lleyton and Aida over for a play this afternoon.
I have completed another LO over the weekend. I really like doing these picture type LO's that involves creating a background scene.

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