Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Penny

Our darling daughter turned six on Monday. She had a wonderful 4 days of birthday festivities which included three cakes. We had a birthday party for her on Friday after school with eight friends. We decorated crowns, played pass the parcel and pin the tail on the pony amongst other games. I made the pony cake that Penny had found on the internet which looked easy but took me quite a bit of time to knead the colour through the fondant icing.
Penny got a new bike that she and Craig put together on Saturday. Unfortunately her first ride at River Rocks park was spoiled by an aggressive magpie that frightened the life out of her with a dive bomb. Everyone in the park knew about it!
On Sunday, we decided to open Penny's other presents as Monday was a school day and Craig had to leave early for a flight. Early morning present opening was followed by a breakfast out at a popular cafe near home. Next was a late morning swim at the local pool and in the afternoon, Richard (my brother), Trudie Alex and Lachie came over to celebrate with another cake. To school on Monday, Penny took 30 cupcakes to share with her friends and teachers. Rachael's patisserie is now closed for the rest of the month! She had such a lovely time but was asleep by 6.45pm on Monday evening.
Happy Birthday to my sister, Robyn for Saturday. It was lovely to catch up over the phone for a chat.
Poor Nick is battling a cold at present but is hoping to be better for the weekend as he is singing with his school choir in a competition at Iona College.
Hope you are having a happy week.
Rach xx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fun Weekend

Our weekend kicked off with a birthday afternoon tea at our house for my niece Alex on Friday. Cake and cordial for the kids and champers and sushi for the Trudie and I. It was also a celebration of my finishing 2wks straight of work. I am glad I achieved it but am quite happy to be back to 3 days this week.
Saturday morning started with a ripper storm which woke us up at 5am (2nd Saturday in a row) with loud clashing thunder and heavy rain. The children were mortified as it was their school's community day in celebration of the new hall opening. By 10am it was bright sunshine but due to the volume of rain most of the rides were unable to operate due to the slushy oval. The rides are returning in the last week of school for a fun day. We watched Nick in the junior choir 'Cantori' and he sang beautifully but was so serious. Penny also sang with the Preps and Nick sang again with the grade 3's. We really enjoyed watching the Sherwood Arrows which is the school skipping team and are the longest serving demonstration team in Australia. Penny assures us that she is joining the team. She'll need plenty of practice! We came home with some delicious fudge and rocky road, oh and some rum balls which I disgustingly devoured in one sitting because they were so delicious!
Today, Nick was busy with writing a couple of letters and school work this morning. He wrote a talk for which we also made a chainsaw! I find he is much more interested if we get really crafty and messy involving paint. He also had the motivation of a play date at his friend's place if all of the work was finished. Nick had a fun time at his friend's place swimming, building Lego and playing DS.
Penny and I were busy cutting out crowns to decorate for her party and planning a pony for 'Pin the Tail on the Pony'. She has picked out a My Little Pony cake which looks quite easy and only involves using the figurines and a round cake rather than creating a pony out of cake!
One day I'll dust my camera off again and take photos to show all that we have done. In the mean time here are some more LO's that I have done. Oh and by the way, my LO that was photographed by Scrapbooking Memories in May has now been commissioned for Vol 14No 4 - perhaps Jan or Feb edition next year.

Nick and Penny have Vacation Care tomorrow as it's a pupil free day but usually really enjoy it and I'm not allowed to arrive before 3.30pm as they have yummy afternoon teas supplied :)
Have a great week.
Rach xx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Term 4

is in full swing. Nick is busy preparing talks every week and Penny's latest school activity is skipping (they're all mad keen on it at Sherwood) and being a social butterfly attending many birthday parties. I had a lovely 5 days to myself in which I worked 3 of them. It was good to get the house back in order before I flew to Bundaberg to join the family. It was lovely to catch up with friends although whirlwind seeing as I was only there for 3 days. The kids had a great time attending 4 birthday parties and swimming in the pool at Grandma's complex.
I am busy at the moment working full time (school hrs) and planning a little miss' birthday party.
HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY TO MY NIECE ALEX for Friday. Have a fantastic day - you deserve it!
Not much else to report. Here are some more LO's.

Have a great weekend.
Rach xx