Thursday, 30 December 2010

Back From An Adelaide Christmas

We spent 5 days in Adelaide over Christmas, visiting my family. Most of the boxes were unpacked so I was ready for a relax. The weather was topsy-turvy as usual - 30 degrees one day and 19 the next! We managed to visit the beach where the children bravely entered the water. Too cold for the adults but the children had a lovely time.
Christmas day was spent having a long lazy lunch/dinner at my parents place.
Boxing day was spent at the zoo which we all enjoyed although the pandas were a great disappointment this time as they were sleeping. I think they must've experienced too much Christmas cheer as one had her paw covering her eyes.
On Monday we visited my aunt and uncle's "special place" (as Penny calls it) in the Adelaide hills. Although it was very cool up there we had a wonderful time as usual. All of my cousins and their families were present (26 of us), just my sister, Robyn unfortunately missing. The children had a great time on the rope swing, we had a treasure hunt around the property, we caught some red claw and the kids paddled around the dam in a boat. My uncle, Nigel has recently completed the construction of another vintage motor car which is 82 yrs old. Penny was first to put her hand up for a ride as she had such a good time in the Speedwell (in this post) when we visited in June. We finished up with a family photo as it has taken many years for all of us to be together (perhaps 15yrs). Someone will just have to photoshop Robyn in!

On Tuesday the shops opened again in Adelaide for the big sales (no Boxing Day sales). We had a little look although didn't have much room for purchases.
We returned to Brisbane on Tuesday night and a huge number of emails containing photos of the floods from our friends in Bundaberg. What a tragic event and we feel very deeply for those who have lost so much. It must be a rather smelly and depressing place to be and will be for sometime. The house that we sold is not flooded as it is in a higher part of Bundaberg. Thinking of you all.
Rach xxx

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Moving Done

Well we made the big move to Brisbane last week. All went really well. The removalists were great and didn't break a thing. I have most of the boxes unpacked and everything in its place. The kids have coped well although are feeling a little cabin fever from waiting around for me to finish unpacking. We ventured out to the shops and the local library yesterday. My favourite scrapping shop had its final closing down day yesterday and I received 80% off my purchases! The cat travelled well and seems to love her new place. High fences, small yard and plenty of bushes to hide under.  The new house is lovely. The kitchen is huge. I am getting leg weary moving from one side to the other. Penny was over the stairs after the first day as they are quite steep. We all had sore calves for the first few days climbing up and down. We have a beautiful park nearby on the river which we have visited a couple of times. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas.
Rach xx

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Cleaning Break

I really am missing my scrapping at the moment. I haven't scrapped for a month as I packed all of my gear up. I even handed out bought thank you cards! I am having a bit of a break from cleaning and thought I'd have a look over the LO's I completed in 2010. I came across these 2 that I haven't shown yet.
In other news we are right on track for the truck to come and collect our gear on Tuesday and hand over the keys to our home of 13yrs on Friday. We feel mixed emotions at present - sad to leave but excited for our future. The kids and I all had our last day yesterday. The lovely carers at Penny's daycare made us a card in which they all wrote messages - very touching. Nick received cards from some of his friends and teachers wishing him well. I had cake and yummy morning tea at work yesterday - thanks Tracey and BR staff. I walked out of the door after almost 16years yesterday and felt sad to say goodbye but am also so excited for what our future holds. I feel that we must be making the right move as everything has fallen into place so easily. I have just signed a contract to start work in 8wks, working school hours, 3 days a week. I am really looking forward to working at this practice.
So I must sign off for a week as my internet provider tells me it will be a little while before I am back on-line. Hope you have found your Christmas Spirit and are enjoying the season. Only 14 more sleeps until Santa visits!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Jazz, Tap and Ballet

Penny had her 3 dancing concerts this weekend. She performed the 3 genres in each concert. It was a lovely concert as any biased mother would say. Penny loves performing on the stage and was very sad to find out that dancing is over for another year. Much to our relief (and wallet) she has decided ballet is where her heart lies and so we will be in search of a ballet school in Brisbane.
In other news we have just been packing, packing, packing. My garage is filled with boxes. Cleaning has begun. We move in a little over a week. We have a lovely 2 storey house to move to, much to Penny's delight. Stairs were her main request. We are just praying for slightly finer weather than the torrential downpours we have been having in the last week.
My work friends took me out for a farewell dinner last week. I had a lovely night and was spoilt with gifts. Saying goodbye to the lovely friends that I have made over the past 16yrs is sad but I am starting to get excited about our new adventure.
Nick finishes year 2 this week and Penny will finish daycare. More goodbyes!
Have a good week.
Rach xxx