Sunday, 5 December 2010

Jazz, Tap and Ballet

Penny had her 3 dancing concerts this weekend. She performed the 3 genres in each concert. It was a lovely concert as any biased mother would say. Penny loves performing on the stage and was very sad to find out that dancing is over for another year. Much to our relief (and wallet) she has decided ballet is where her heart lies and so we will be in search of a ballet school in Brisbane.
In other news we have just been packing, packing, packing. My garage is filled with boxes. Cleaning has begun. We move in a little over a week. We have a lovely 2 storey house to move to, much to Penny's delight. Stairs were her main request. We are just praying for slightly finer weather than the torrential downpours we have been having in the last week.
My work friends took me out for a farewell dinner last week. I had a lovely night and was spoilt with gifts. Saying goodbye to the lovely friends that I have made over the past 16yrs is sad but I am starting to get excited about our new adventure.
Nick finishes year 2 this week and Penny will finish daycare. More goodbyes!
Have a good week.
Rach xxx

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Linda M said...

How cute does Miss P look. So grown up in all her make up. You were missed on Sunday Rachael, good luck with the move, I don't envy you. Keep in touch.