Thursday, 30 December 2010

Back From An Adelaide Christmas

We spent 5 days in Adelaide over Christmas, visiting my family. Most of the boxes were unpacked so I was ready for a relax. The weather was topsy-turvy as usual - 30 degrees one day and 19 the next! We managed to visit the beach where the children bravely entered the water. Too cold for the adults but the children had a lovely time.
Christmas day was spent having a long lazy lunch/dinner at my parents place.
Boxing day was spent at the zoo which we all enjoyed although the pandas were a great disappointment this time as they were sleeping. I think they must've experienced too much Christmas cheer as one had her paw covering her eyes.
On Monday we visited my aunt and uncle's "special place" (as Penny calls it) in the Adelaide hills. Although it was very cool up there we had a wonderful time as usual. All of my cousins and their families were present (26 of us), just my sister, Robyn unfortunately missing. The children had a great time on the rope swing, we had a treasure hunt around the property, we caught some red claw and the kids paddled around the dam in a boat. My uncle, Nigel has recently completed the construction of another vintage motor car which is 82 yrs old. Penny was first to put her hand up for a ride as she had such a good time in the Speedwell (in this post) when we visited in June. We finished up with a family photo as it has taken many years for all of us to be together (perhaps 15yrs). Someone will just have to photoshop Robyn in!

On Tuesday the shops opened again in Adelaide for the big sales (no Boxing Day sales). We had a little look although didn't have much room for purchases.
We returned to Brisbane on Tuesday night and a huge number of emails containing photos of the floods from our friends in Bundaberg. What a tragic event and we feel very deeply for those who have lost so much. It must be a rather smelly and depressing place to be and will be for sometime. The house that we sold is not flooded as it is in a higher part of Bundaberg. Thinking of you all.
Rach xxx

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