Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Memories Of Adelaide

Can you believe that it is a month since we visited Adelaide? I had some photos from our trip printed today. Between Dad and I we took some lovely photos. Nick stuck many of the photos into the diary that he wrote each day and his teacher and class mates seemed impressed. I had planned to do another post with more photos, so here it is.
One of the many miniature steam trains.

All aboard!

Face painting at the steam trains.

Chris and Nigel's (my aunt and uncle) superb farm in the Adelaide Hills.

Penny on the rope swing at the farm that they had a tree lopper erect around a very high tree branch. The 106 yr old Speedwell that Nigel built. Mum and Dad together with Chris and Nigel drove in a rally (for cars over 100yrs old) in England a few years ago in this Speedwell.

Gorgeous dessert at the farm for the kids.

Wang Wang, the new male panda at the Adelaide zoo. Funi (female) was happily sleeping inside on heated rocks.

My sister, Robyn and her partner Ian who we met for the first time on this visit. Lots of fun.

Nick at his favourite wooden playground which we always visit when in Adelaide.
There you are, just a small snapshot of our visit. I didn't take any photos at the reunion - as they say "what happens on tour stays on tour"! No not really, it was a very tame evening compared to in the past and Robyn and Ian had me in bed by midnight. We really had such a lovely trip catching up with my family and friends.
Happy Wednesday.
Rach xx


Linda M said...

Beautiful photos Rachael, everybody looks so happy and having good fun, Penny looks gorgeous with her painted face, thank you for sharing.

Petrina McDonald said...

the farm looks fantastic!!! and there you go again - more good looking family members!!