Sunday, 6 March 2011


-what a wonderful stage show. We were taken to a beautiful Italian restaurant and then onto Wicked by one of Craig's suppliers last night. The story was very clever and complex. The lighting and costumes were amazing. The actors and their voices were superb. The show really is worth seeing if you have the chance.

We have just been busy with routine life. I have made a quick 9 cards loosely copied from a magazine article in a card magazine - here are 8 of them.

My friend Penny and I spent a Friday morning enjoying morning tea and making cards. Whilst I only achieved 2 at her place, I went on and created the other 7 over the weekend. I also found two LO's that I haven't displayed yet.

I find Thomas LO's hard to do but very important to document as Thomas was a huge part of Nick's young life. I really love how the Christmas one turned out.
I am busy preparing some LO's for my scrapping retreat in Bundaberg soon - can't wait to see all my friends again.
Have a happy week.
Rach xx