Sunday, 26 August 2012


is how we feel about our new puppy, Pip. Craig and I went to pick Pip up from Strathpine on Friday morning. She didn't take to the 45min car trip too well and vomited all the way home in her crate. On arrival home, she had an explore, feed, play and bath and then passed out on the couch for the afternoon. Nick and Penny ran all of the way home from school and were home in record time. She was a little unsure of them at first as she hasn't been around children but loved playing with them out on the grass in the sunshine. By Saturday afternoon she seemed right at home and happy with her surroundings. She isn't sleeping too well and waking often to make sure were around. This morning she thought 4.30am was a great time to start the day. Bit like having a newborn. Tonight she'll be going down into the laundry in a playpen as I need to sleep before a day of work tomorrow. It will be difficult to leave her tomorrow but the kids are going to have a big play with her and tire her out before we go. She is far from being toilet trained but we'll work on it with frequent trips out to the grass. Unfortunately she is too little to manage the stairs yet so we need to carry her up and down. Thankfully she isn't remotely interested in going up or down the stairs yet. Pip loves stealing my slippers and barking at Nic's cactus pot :) She is such a beautifully natured puppy with a little bit of mischief (like our dear Labrador Zoe).
We'll keep you posted on our puppy adventures.
Have a good week.
Rach xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Well we're all settled into our new home. It's only been 3wks but feels like we've been here forever. All boxes are unpacked and amazingly we didn't need to buy too much storage. I was a bit ruthless with what I put away as some of the gear we haven't seen for 18mths (packed in boxes), so we decided to get rid of it. Our guest room is already getting use with Trudie and Alex (SIL and niece) coming to stay and Craig's cousin and his family staying. Nick is busy scooping out the pool every afternoon. We have bets going to see how long this lasts but are loving that he enjoys doing it. Nick has crystal chandelier lights in his room and Penny has some pretty funky light covers too but they don't want them swapped. The kids are walking all of the way home from school together and enjoying their new found confidence and independence.

We only have 2 more sleeps until Pip, our West Highland Terrier pup comes home. We're all so excited. I spent the weekend puppy proofing the stairs and front and back decks so that she couldn't fall through. The packing boxes have come in very handy and zip ties. Pip is the puppy sniffing Penny's hand above.
Maned Duck (Chenonetta jubata)
This morning, I was walking back after dropping the kids at school early for their tennis and choir lessons when I came across daddy duck, mummy duck and their 7 tiny ducklings waddling up from the tunnel that goes under 4 railway tracks. They were obviously off on an adventure away from the safety of the Sherwood Arboretum. Unfortunately they were heading onto the road so with the help of another lady, we herded them into a small grassed area. I went home and picked up a large box and we proceeded to put the ducklings into a box but of course the parents wouldn't follow. By that time we managed to get in touch with the RSPCA who told us to let them go as it is illegal to move them and they wouldn't come out unless they were obstructing traffic. They were also worried that the parents would lose interest in their babies. We herded them off in a safer direction and hope they found their way home. I plan to visit the Arboretum on the weekend and see if they made it home. They were such pretty wood ducks.
Well, no doubt I'll be back over the weekend with some cute photos although don't hold your breath with my blog effort this year!
Have a good week/end.
Rach xx