Monday, 23 February 2009

It's Stopped!

The rain stopped on Thursday but is forcasted to return with avengeance on Wednesday. I missed my golf lesson last Wednesday and I think it will be cancelled this week too. Instead of going to golf I went out and purchased a new computer screen to assist in photo manipulation as my laptop screen isn't adequate. I bought a Philips 19" LCD and it is beautiful. Best of all the photos from the camera shop turn out exactly the same as on the screen. Penny has taken to watching her DVD's on it too.
Nick went really well at soccer training. He started with a little game in which he scored a goal and was at the front of the play. He informed me on the way home that he had been playing soccer in his lunch hour at school and it is very evident in his improvement in concentration and ball skills. He didn't know any of the children but he doesn't have trouble making friends and I knew some people out there which was great. We've decided not to do basketball as Nick realises that it would be too much (for all of us).
Penny's dancing went a little better on Saturday although she was still quite clingy to me. We've agreed to go for the first term (until Easter) and if she doesn't like it then she can stop.
After dancing I hurried off to a scrapping day at the local shop and manged to get 2 LO's done. I only have one LO to show as I've left the other at the shop for display (challenge pack). It was a great day.
Craig went up to 1770 to go out fishing on Friday night and they came home with a great feed of reef fish although he was very tired for the rest of the weekend. The top photo is of a coral trout and the bottom is of a red emperor.
On Saturday night we went to a BBQ to celebrate one of our friend's birthday. It was a great night and they live within walking distance so we all could let our hair down for a change! Here is the card I made.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Rain, rain go away...

Dare I say it but I think even the farmers would agree that 8 inches in the last week is enough. I guess I shouldn't be complaining considering the plight of those in northern Queensland who have had considerably more rain. I could not believe it the other day when it was declared that the flooded land was the size of South Australia - massive. The children are going a little stir crazy due to the amount of inside play although they are having a great time jumping in puddles any chance they get. We are quite used to getting soaked as it seems to rain at school drop off and pick up time most days.
Poor little Penny didn't really enjoy her first dance lesson on Saturday as she was unwell. I discovered this when we arrived home and she wanted to go straight to sleep and felt more than a little bit hot. After a worrisome 36 hrs of 39.5degree temperatures and just keeping her quiet, she has come good and back to her usual high spirits today. We went to buy some purple cupcake fabric to make curtains for her playhouse today and returned home in a torrential downpour that lasted many hours.
Nick is very excited about his first soccer training tomorrow evening. He is playing for Diggers, who Craig played for as a youngster. We went and discovered where their home training ground was this afternoon. I think I also forgot to mention that Nick was 'worker of the week' a couple of weeks ago. We were not advised so were pleasantly surprised to see him come home with a ribbon. He is doing well with his homework. He has only had sight words up until tonight when he brought home a reader. I had to sign when he had read it which he did quite well.
I'm off to my last golf lesson tomorrow, weather permitting to learn chipping and bunker shots which I'm sure will be a very important lesson. I'm looking forward to scrapping for 6hrs at the local shop on Saturday so am off to do up some packs to take.
Have a great week.
Rach xx

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Golf, Scrapping, Golf, Scrapping...

and so it goes on. I have 3 LO's to share. They're all of Nicholas as he was feeling a little neglected as there have been quite a few of Penny lately. "First Boat Ride" was done at Cassie's class at the shop 10 dyas ago and I completed it at our scrapping afternoon on Sunday. I did the "Down and Dirty" LO in the class at the shop on Tuesday night and then came home and added some stamping. Nick loved the ants.
On the "Golly Gee He's 3" LO I used some flock for the title which for all of the non-scrappers is not a swear word. It is a substance that looks like fine velvet fluff when you cut up velvet and is frightfully expensive for what it is. I haven't had a lot of luck with keeping the flock on LO's but with this one I cut out double-sided adhesive paper (Jak paper), stuck it to the LO, added the flock pushing it into the adhesive paper and then for the big secret - I sprayed it with Matte photo spray (also frightfully expensive and in a huge can - willing to share if anyone needs it). The spray darkened the cardstock slightly but best of all I can rub my finger over the flocked letters and the fluff doesn't budge.
I had another golf lesson on Wednesday which recapped last week and then added some putting. Golf certainly is one hard game! Penny and I visited the driving range on Tuesday and I went in my lunch hour again today. Little by little I am improving. Penny didn't think it was much fun watching.
Nick came home all excited yesterday with a notice about basketball. A man from the basketball association came to their PE lesson and did some skills and then indicated that he was running a 5wk clinic for 5-12yo on a Wednesday afternoon. While Nick's short stature will be a big impedance, he'll certainly make up for it in enthusiasm. He has also decided finally that he wants to play soccer too so training is on Wednesday nights after basketball and then the soccer game is on Saturday. It will be a great way for him to expend his endless energy.
Penny is off to dancing on Saturday morning. We are attending Kinda Dance which includes the Mum or Dad. She tried on her leotard, tutu and ballet shoes yesterday and danced to ballet on her Wiggles DVD. She looked gorgeous.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Thank you P

My good friend Petrina, designed this blog header for me tonight from some digital elements (scrapbook jargon). It is so me - pink and green. Thanks P, I love it!
We had a busy weekend with 2 nights out with the children and friends, Craig had 2 games of golf and I spent Sunday afternoon with my friends from the Simply Crafty club scrapping at the hall. It was a good weekend although all of us were pretty pooped by last night.
I have 2 LO's to show but just have to photograph them so will put them up in the next day or two.
Also, I wanted to let all know who read my blog - particularly family, if you would like to leave a comment I think I have managed to set it so that you don't have to have a blog account. If someone could try it and let me know I would be most appreciative.
I've started golf lessons and have discovered some new muscles! I have been practicing my swing in the yard most days only with a tee of course. Off to the driving range tomorrow to try some balls and then another lesson on Wednesday. I have golfing blisters on the inside of my thumb but Craig assures me it'll toughen up.
Last week I attended a scrap night at one of the local shops for a couple of hours and hope to go again tomorrow night. I am trying to give my 2009 LO goal a good nudge!
My heart goes out to those affected by the fires in the southern states of Australia - NSW, SA and Victoria. The loss and devastation is horrific and the trauma suffered will be imminent for a long time to come.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Happy Birthday Lachie!

My nephew and godson, Lachlan turns 7 today! Wow where has that time gone? He was born on 02.02.02 just after 1pm. You could've held out until 2pm couldn't you Trude? Only joking - when it's time to push it certainly is time! Lachie we hope that you have a wonderful day today and can't wait to see what cake Mum creates.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

He Can Do It!

Today Nicholas mastered the technique of riding a bike on two wheels. We decided it was about time a few weeks ago so Craig removed the trainer wheels from his bike. Now Nick is a boy who doesn't like doing something unless he can do it well - sounds like someone I know. After a bit of coaxing every so often we would have a practice. A little bribery was involved too in that we promised him a new Leapster game. Well this afternoon Craig called me out the back and there he was starting off, riding and turning all by himself. He was so excited and kept practicing although had to finally give up because his little hands were getting sore from gripping the handle bars so tightly. He is looking forward to participating in the school bike-a-thon in May. Tonight before bed he played his new game (Wall-E) solidly for an hour! We look forward to venturing to the bike tracks at the swamp next weekend.