Monday, 23 February 2009

It's Stopped!

The rain stopped on Thursday but is forcasted to return with avengeance on Wednesday. I missed my golf lesson last Wednesday and I think it will be cancelled this week too. Instead of going to golf I went out and purchased a new computer screen to assist in photo manipulation as my laptop screen isn't adequate. I bought a Philips 19" LCD and it is beautiful. Best of all the photos from the camera shop turn out exactly the same as on the screen. Penny has taken to watching her DVD's on it too.
Nick went really well at soccer training. He started with a little game in which he scored a goal and was at the front of the play. He informed me on the way home that he had been playing soccer in his lunch hour at school and it is very evident in his improvement in concentration and ball skills. He didn't know any of the children but he doesn't have trouble making friends and I knew some people out there which was great. We've decided not to do basketball as Nick realises that it would be too much (for all of us).
Penny's dancing went a little better on Saturday although she was still quite clingy to me. We've agreed to go for the first term (until Easter) and if she doesn't like it then she can stop.
After dancing I hurried off to a scrapping day at the local shop and manged to get 2 LO's done. I only have one LO to show as I've left the other at the shop for display (challenge pack). It was a great day.
Craig went up to 1770 to go out fishing on Friday night and they came home with a great feed of reef fish although he was very tired for the rest of the weekend. The top photo is of a coral trout and the bottom is of a red emperor.
On Saturday night we went to a BBQ to celebrate one of our friend's birthday. It was a great night and they live within walking distance so we all could let our hair down for a change! Here is the card I made.


Petrina McDonald said...

OMG those fish are huge!!!!! Like I said, if you could cut the fillets into meal size pieces and do them in egg and breadcrumbs that would be great ;-)
Glad to hear you had a good night on Saturday night - I bet your friend loved that card :)

Cassie and Co said...

So it was a very busy weekend. Yummy looking fish too. And a beautiful layout of Penny.
Have a good week.