Sunday, 1 February 2009

He Can Do It!

Today Nicholas mastered the technique of riding a bike on two wheels. We decided it was about time a few weeks ago so Craig removed the trainer wheels from his bike. Now Nick is a boy who doesn't like doing something unless he can do it well - sounds like someone I know. After a bit of coaxing every so often we would have a practice. A little bribery was involved too in that we promised him a new Leapster game. Well this afternoon Craig called me out the back and there he was starting off, riding and turning all by himself. He was so excited and kept practicing although had to finally give up because his little hands were getting sore from gripping the handle bars so tightly. He is looking forward to participating in the school bike-a-thon in May. Tonight before bed he played his new game (Wall-E) solidly for an hour! We look forward to venturing to the bike tracks at the swamp next weekend.

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