Friday, 30 January 2009

Hello Again!

Wow time has got away from me and I haven't felt like being too sociable. Thank you to all for their sympathy messages for Hanny cat. She hasn't come home but strangely enough we still think she's going to come bounding in the door so she must be around us in spirit I think.

School started again for Nicholas this week. He began Year 1 and could hardly wait for the first day. He's had a great week and went to sleep without any protest tonight! Penny tells me that she is "sooo ready to start school". She sounded very funny coming out with this and must have heard me saying it to someone else. She still has 2 years to wait.

Last weekend for the Australia Day weekend we went camping with 3 other couples and their kids out at Boondooma Dam (click the word to link to the site). Despite the 4inches of rain that they had received on the 2 preceding nights and the 1 inch we received on Saturday night in less than an hour, it was an enjoyable weekend. I was very thankful that Craig had insisted on packing the upright fan as it was awfully humid. We spent much of the time sitting in the dam cooling off. It was great for the kids to be out in the bush and experience nature at its best. The storm was a great experience as there was no running to hide. They found it very exciting.

Here are 2 LO's that I finished a week ago. Have also finished another LO this week but have sent it into the shop to be hung for this month's challenge, so will post it on its return. I'm very excited as I went in to pay for my ticket to the Jill Geraghty Grove day at the local scrapping shop in later February. She is a scrapping guru and so I'm looking forward to learning some new techniques during the 12 hour scrapping marathon.

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Sandra L said...

I love your new header Rachael. Looks great. It is funny what the little children say. Makayla tells me she is going to Kirsty's school "One day". Have a great weekend. Sandra xxxx