Saturday, 3 January 2009

Bye Granny and Gramps

My Mum and Dad left early this morning bound for Brisbane where they will stay with my brother and family for 4 days before driving home to Adelaide. They had a good rest and the kids had some great quality time with their grandparents.
In other news, Zoe's paw is healing well although she has to keep a bag over the bandage when she ventures outside due to the recent beautifully cooling rains. We visited the vet yesterday to have it redressed and then back on Monday for the dressing to come off. She will then have to wear a sock on her foot for a while which will look pretty funny.
I still have another week of holidays, so the kids and I have many projects planned, weather permitting. They are having a great time playing in Penny's new cubby house. Yesterday it was a vet surgery, a children's hospital and this afternoon I think they have a restaurant planned as I have been instructed to move Penny's kitchen set out to the house! I love imaginative play, it's so much better than sitting in front of the TV.
I have some more photos from our holidays, so that everyone can feel famous.My brother, Richard.

My sister-in-law, Trudie.

My sister, Robyn.

What a great Christmas holiday we had and I'd like to thank all of my family for making the special effort to come to Bundaberg. Thank you for the memories!

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