Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Life Is A Changin'

Ooops, long absence again but I have good reason. Most excitingly, we have bought a house and today the SOLD sticker went up. It's a lovely old Queenslander with lots of rooms and most importantly (according to Penny), a pool. It is just up the road from where we live at present so the move in 6wks shouldn't be too painful.
 On ANZAC day, Nick marched in the local march with his Cub Scout group. It was our first community service and was very moving.
 Nick has also celebrated another birthday - 9! He didn't have a proper party but we took him and a couple of his friends to an indoor rock climbing centre and they had fun scaling walls.
 Miss Penny has lost her first tooth - so exciting! She was so funny - "Mummy I have had the best day because I won the 5km race (Charity walk at the uni and she beat Craig, Nick and me), went out for breakfast and I lost my tooth so the tooth fairy will come". Much talk about the tooth fairy ensued, particularly about how slack the tooth fairy has been recently and has forgotten to visit her school friends. Thank goodness there was a gold coin reward by the glass the next morning.
 Penny dressed as a Chinese girl for multicultural day last week, borrowing a Chong san from her Japanese friend, Maya.
Craig completed his ride to Longreach. A great achievement he has no intention of repeating. He ended up with very sore achilles tendons and has done much less intensive riding on his return, partly because he's hardly been home.
Nick had a Cub camp on the weekend at his home den and had a fabulous time. He loves learning such practical skills. Penny and I went to a performance at QPAC called The Flying Orchestra which was part of the Out Of The Box festival. It was a lovely performance with a very poignant message.
Penny had the day off today to attend her ballet and jazz exams which she seems to take to like "a duck to water". We then went out for a girlie lunch.
We've booked a holiday to Fiji for a week in July. I can't wait for some warmth. I've had to organise passports for the kids and myself and I am over filling out forms!
Well, that's about all I can remember for now.
Have a good week.
Rach xx