Friday, 31 January 2014

The Beginning of a New School Year

What lovely holidays we had but it all had to come to an end so that some routine could return to our lives.
We enjoyed having my SIL, Trudie and kids, Alex and Lachlan from Griffith to stay in the beginning of January. The cousins really enjoy each others company and just enjoy hanging out together. We then had some Bundaberg friends to stay for a weekend. The boys went to the 20/20 cricket which Nic really enjoyed. Great close game even if Brisbane didn't win and a great spectacle. Penny and I went to see Frozen at the movies which was a lovely movie with beautiful music - out iTunes favourite at present. In the last week the kids and I went to visit my family in Adelaide. Thank goodness we timed it in between heatwaves. We visited the SA museum, local pool, had dinner and lunch with my sister, Robyn and her new husband Ian, went to the National Motor Museum. The highlight was visiting the Gorge Wildlife Park at Cudlee Creek just out of Adelaide where we all got to cuddle a koala (a first for all of us).

On the school front, Nic and Penny are very pleased with their teachers. Nic has a male teacher who he says is "cool" and Penny's female teacher is just lovely. I think the things I least enjoy about the kid's school days are homework because they don't enjoy it and making school lunches. This week hasn't been too bad as Penny hasn't had any homework and Nic has been quite willing to complete the tasks set as they have been quite relevant and not too laborious. On the school lunches front, I made a big batch of sausage rolls and biscuits and a chocolate slice. The biscuits didn't last until the start of school but the rest have been enjoyed. I think I'll make a batch of mini quiches this weekend as they always go down a treat. I usually freeze the savoury (and sometimes sweet) food and it is nicely thawed by lunch time.
Our house is in disarray at present, rather like packing as we are having the downstairs interior painted. The kids are upstairs in the guest bedroom at present making bed time interesting with the constant chatter and giggles. The guest bedroom is getting quite a bit of use. I might have to put a Vacancy/No Vacancy sign out the front. The painting should be all finished by the middle of next week. Hope my colour selections look good.
Have a great weekend.
Rach xx

Friday, 3 January 2014


Yesterday we visited the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) at South Bank, Brisbane. They always have a kids program for the school holidays and it's a great place to beat the Summer heat. The children's program was about an Australian artist and his book and paintings about different roos. There were masks to make, computer games to play and a computer generated poster to make. We also visited many other free displays. Nic is very interested in the Aboriginal art and there is always a lot of alternative art which is great for the imagination. We particularly enjoyed the maze of fluffy white trees. Very serene and relaxing.
Today was another hot day which we spent in and out of the pool. Hopefully we'll get a storm tonight to cool us down as we are sweltering at present. We also went out to pick up some colour swatches in readiness for painting the downstairs interior of our house later in the month. It is soooo hard to choose. I'm sure I'll be back and forth a few more times to get more swatches. The kids were very good under the proviso they could go to the vet to cuddle the kittens up for adoption. There were really cute kittens running amok there today. Up and down the Christmas tree and playing with the baubles. Penny is determined to bring one home over her Daddy's dead body!!
Have a great weekend.
Love, Rach xx

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

*** 2014 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! ****

I'm back and determined to document our year ahead through this blog. A new blog appearance and a beautiful sunset in Lombok adorns my header to celebrate the passing of one year and the anticipation of the next.
What a busy year we had in 2013. My Christmas letter was a little more difficult to write this year as I neglected my blog. In a nutshell this is what we did:
* holidays - Byron Bay in January
                 - Bonville and Gold Coast (Craig and I) in March to celebrate turning 40
                  - Lombok Indonesia in October
                  - Adelaide (me only) in November to celebrate turning 40 with school friends
*children- Nic - completed yr5, playing soccer and tennis and attending cubs
                  Penny - completed yr2, playing tennis and dancing (tap, jazz and ballet)
*Craig - promoted to general manager of sales and marketing at Lindsay Australia
            - hiked the Kokoda track (PNG) in August - very tough despite rigorous preparation
            - playing golf and has brought our Kevlar cat (boat) down from Bundaberg to Nambour so               that he can go fishing more often
*Me - not much has changed
        - loving our 80yr old Queenslander despite its flaws
        - have reverted to project life scrapbooking but still seem to be slow (will explain this in another 
The highlight of the year was the wedding of my sister Robyn to Ian Greening in Lombok. We had a great holiday and it was so lovely for our family to be together as this is such a rare occurrence these days with us all being spread around the country.

I have set new goals for the year. I often fail miserably at my goals but they serve as a reminder I guess. I would love to get my fitness back so will try hard with this.
I have also added the books I read last year. I am a very slow reader so was surprised at how many books I actually did get through. The book that was the highlight for me was The Rosie Project. Very entertaining. I also enjoyed Shane Jacobsen's biography and the Loretta Hill books are always a good, easy read.
We enjoyed our Christmas at home in Brisbane and were joined by Craig's mum (Bundaberg) and his sister Annette (Cairns). We went out to a restaurant for lunch and returned home for a refreshing swim in the pool. We had a BBQ at home with friends last night to celebrate New Year's Eve but were tucked up in bed well before midnight and only lifted my head for a minute when I heard the fireworks in the city
Well it's time to take the Christmas decorations down and start to cover books in anticipation of the new school year. I'll be back with a new post soon.
Love, Rach xx