Friday, 3 January 2014


Yesterday we visited the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) at South Bank, Brisbane. They always have a kids program for the school holidays and it's a great place to beat the Summer heat. The children's program was about an Australian artist and his book and paintings about different roos. There were masks to make, computer games to play and a computer generated poster to make. We also visited many other free displays. Nic is very interested in the Aboriginal art and there is always a lot of alternative art which is great for the imagination. We particularly enjoyed the maze of fluffy white trees. Very serene and relaxing.
Today was another hot day which we spent in and out of the pool. Hopefully we'll get a storm tonight to cool us down as we are sweltering at present. We also went out to pick up some colour swatches in readiness for painting the downstairs interior of our house later in the month. It is soooo hard to choose. I'm sure I'll be back and forth a few more times to get more swatches. The kids were very good under the proviso they could go to the vet to cuddle the kittens up for adoption. There were really cute kittens running amok there today. Up and down the Christmas tree and playing with the baubles. Penny is determined to bring one home over her Daddy's dead body!!
Have a great weekend.
Love, Rach xx

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Shandell said...

2013 was a busy year for you all! Glad to see you back blogging :). If Penny gets a kitten, share her secret to success I'm trying to convince Craig to get one too! Lol