Saturday, 24 January 2015

Australia Day Weekend 2015

Well 10mths later and I'm back. I've been thinking about deleting this blog for the last 6mths as it reminds me of how slack and unmotivated I am these days. At Christmas, Robyn (sister) was asking me about my blog and why I didn't write it any more as she loved receiving the updates. So I've been pondering this for the last month and decided to give it another go. No pressure to do it regularly, just when I want to share something. I've given the blog a bit of an update with a new background, heading photo, new 2015 goals and updates to the book list. Hope you like it.
I thought I'd explain one of my goals - TAKING RISKS. Don't worry Mum, I'm not going to rob a bank, I'm just going to step out of my comfort zone a little more which I have found more and more difficult to do with age. I did this in December when I attended the Katy Perry concert. I've never been to a music concert but I loved it. I think more so because of my admiration for this stellar lady was confirmed rather than the bass that vibrated through my whole body!
January has gone quickly for us. After a most relaxing New Year week, we returned to work and the kids attended vacation care (only 3 days each week). They had fun doing science experiments, going ice skating and making candles.
Last weekend, the kids went to stay with Auntie Annette whilst we attended work drinks for Craig's management team at his boss' digs - Mantra Penthouse, South Bank overlooking the Brisbane River. It was a lovely evening with delicious food and icy cold drinks as it was stiflingly hot. After collecting N and P on Sunday I lay by the pool (cooling off regularly) for the afternoon reading a book as it was so hot.
This last week, Penny and Nicholas attended a tennis camp for 3 mornings and thank goodness it cooled down a little. The threat of rain was imminent but it didn't interrupt them. They both had a good time and have improved. Nic was put in the top group and much to Penny's delight she was moved from the 5th group to the 3rd group in the first hour. Nic even ended up with a new racquet as he has managed to crack his old one. I'm not surprised with the amount of tennis he has been playing.
I am on holidays at present (last and this week). I have sewed a dress, although I decided it needs altering so I'll pop a picture on once it's completed. I've also done some scrapbooking. It's lovely looking back at the photos from 2008. The kids have had many friends to play and sleep over which is fun and easy these days, especially with a pool to entertain them. I'm also enjoying the tennis too.
We had 150mm (6") of rain yesterday and it was a cool day (23) which was a welcome reprieve. We had to drain water from the pool three times!

Lastly, I wanted to tell you about this great Australian movie the kids and I saw this morning
                                             ***       PAPER PLANES      ***
Don't watch the trailer before you go, please just go and see it. It is very funny but also deeply moving. I was laughing out loud for much of it but also holding back tears in other parts. It isn't just a children's movie, it is a movie for 5yo -100yo and beyond. A lovely, uplifting and positive Aussie film. Let me know what you thought of it.
Have a great weekend
Be back soon with back to school photos, best book I read in 2014 and my updated guest room.
Love, Rach xx