Monday, 28 March 2016

Happy Easter 2016

We've had a very relaxing Easter at home. We've caught up with friends, done some hiking up Mt Cootha, read and watched movies. We had the usual Easter hunt which is always exciting but seems to take much less time these days.
Pip and Hamish have enjoyed having us all home - especially snuggling in bed with Bunny ears on!
Hope you and your family have had a terrific Easter.
Love, Rach xx

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Welcome 2016!

As promised, my commitment to this blog would be sadly lacking. Here's a quick catch up since my last post in November in the form of photo collages. Hold on for the ride as this post is LOOOONG.

Clockwise from top left:
Christmas Day spent in Brisbane
Penny's Dancing Concert- she was in 10 dances!
Cool Pip
Nic had braces fitted for the next 20mths and managed them brilliantly
Hamish and his strangled Christmas chook
Penny on Christmas Day
Penny and her friend, Summer at Max Brenner, Southbank enjoying the best chocolate milkshake ever
Lego Brickman Exhibition

Nic and I cleared an old, messy garden to plant hydrangeas. We pulled out over 40 agapanthus which are now planted along the inside of our front wall and are sprouting plenty of new growth. Hamish enjoyed helping too.

We enjoyed a lovely 5-day stay at Osprey in Mooloolaba. We visited the Eumundi Markets on our way up which is always a treat. It was a bit rainy on our first day but after that plenty of surfing, walking and eating occurred. We had a fantastic view over Alexandra Headland and Mooloolaba. We visited Underwater World as we had so many times when Nic and Penny were really little. Unfortunately it didn't have quite the attraction as it did when they were small.Their confidence in the surf though was second to none!

Penny has gone into Yr 5 at Sherwood State School and Nic is now in Yr 8 at St Peters Lutheran College. They've both had a great first term.


My cooking adventures (clockwise from top left):
Fiery Bengal Chutney on the stove
Remedy for chopping loads of onions
Our first raspberry from a bush we planted in September and it has just kept giving
Crispy skin Thai salmon curry - favourite dish
My Thai Kitchen cooking lesson
Fiery Bengal Chutney in the jars
Loads of onions

We are back to a family of two boats. Craig and Nic bought a tinny as they were having trouble fishing "seriously" from the kayaks. They have had fun exploring the Brisbane beaches and catching fish and mud crabs. The two bottom left photos are from our big fishing boat which is stored at Agnes Waters and Nic really enjoyed his second trip out to the reef in January despite sea sickness.

Hope you're still with me and have enjoyed the catch up. I'll be back tomorrow with Easter photos. Hope you're enjoying your Easter break.