Monday, 15 August 2011

Tapping Queen

Here is our little tap queen who did her exam last week. She loved it and was not nervous at all. Bring on the ballet exams in September.
Craig and I enjoyed a trip away to Cairns over the weekend thanks to his company. I travelled up with Craig's boss' wife on Friday. After a beautiful dinner on Friday night we  ventured out to the Innisfail race day on Saturday. Whilst we didn't come away winners, we had a good day. Another memorable dinner on Saturday night in Cairns and after a morning tea visit to Craig's sister we flew home. The children stayed with my SIL, Trudie and their cousins. They had a pretty busy weekend and Penny slept for 13hrs last night!
I haven't scrapbooked much in the last week, but here are 2 more recent LO's.

The children only have 3days of school this week due to the show holiday and a ministerial holiday (pupil free day). We plan to venture to the Ekka on one of the days.
Have a good week.
Rach xx

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Things That Make My Heart Happy @ Present

First up are flowers. I am buying flowers for my kitchen every week. As a child, our house was always filled with roses for most of the year as Mum had over 100 rose bushes and when they were dormant we had daffodils. These roses are from the flower markets just down the road bought for me by my good friend, Joanne.

I also have 2 African Violets in my kitchen that sit by the sink in front of a window and they are flowering like they're on steroids. I think I have my mother's touch when it comes to these.

The music from the Dr Zhivago musical features highly.

My gorgeous 15yo cat, Holly is my little darling. She is such a sook and always so pleased to see us. Here she is enjoying ice cream on her birthday in June.

Next is my soccer player Nick. We returned to the soccer fields on Sunday for photos. It never ceases to amaze me how they make these little boys put their arms behind their backs so that in their ill-fitting tops they look like they're armless. I think the zoomed photo of Nick's face looks much better although I had a great laugh out of the other photo!

My Penny also makes my heart happy. She has a cold at the moment but is on the mend.

Lastly, of course my scrapbooking fills my heart. Here are a few LO's.

Oh of course I must mention my significant other if I could remember what he looked like as he's away so much at present. We have a weekend up in Cairns together planned in August which should be lovely and WARM!
What is making your heart smile this week? :)
Rach xx