Friday, 9 January 2009

Spreading The Love

Thank you Kylie for the spread the love award that you left for me on your site. It also is my first award.
So I am sending it on to:

Not much happening here today. I'm trying to get Nick off his trainer wheels on his bike - a long overdue job. He went quite well this morning but gets quite frustrated as he doesn't like climbing that steep learning curve. We'll have another go this afternoon. Spring cleaning is sort of happening in the scrapping room today but I am so easily side-tracked in this room!


Petrina McDonald said...

He'll get it eventually ;-) And in the meantime you will get more great butt-lifting exercise......

Thanks for the love award xxxx

Sandra L said...

Thanks for the Love Award. It took Kirsty till she was about 7 before I was able to take the trainer wheels off. I do hope it doesn't take that long for you. See you on Sunday. Sandra xxxx