Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Rain, rain go away...

Dare I say it but I think even the farmers would agree that 8 inches in the last week is enough. I guess I shouldn't be complaining considering the plight of those in northern Queensland who have had considerably more rain. I could not believe it the other day when it was declared that the flooded land was the size of South Australia - massive. The children are going a little stir crazy due to the amount of inside play although they are having a great time jumping in puddles any chance they get. We are quite used to getting soaked as it seems to rain at school drop off and pick up time most days.
Poor little Penny didn't really enjoy her first dance lesson on Saturday as she was unwell. I discovered this when we arrived home and she wanted to go straight to sleep and felt more than a little bit hot. After a worrisome 36 hrs of 39.5degree temperatures and just keeping her quiet, she has come good and back to her usual high spirits today. We went to buy some purple cupcake fabric to make curtains for her playhouse today and returned home in a torrential downpour that lasted many hours.
Nick is very excited about his first soccer training tomorrow evening. He is playing for Diggers, who Craig played for as a youngster. We went and discovered where their home training ground was this afternoon. I think I also forgot to mention that Nick was 'worker of the week' a couple of weeks ago. We were not advised so were pleasantly surprised to see him come home with a ribbon. He is doing well with his homework. He has only had sight words up until tonight when he brought home a reader. I had to sign when he had read it which he did quite well.
I'm off to my last golf lesson tomorrow, weather permitting to learn chipping and bunker shots which I'm sure will be a very important lesson. I'm looking forward to scrapping for 6hrs at the local shop on Saturday so am off to do up some packs to take.
Have a great week.
Rach xx

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Cassie and Co said...

Have a great day at golf.
Missed you tonight, but hope to see you next week.