Thursday, 12 February 2009

Golf, Scrapping, Golf, Scrapping...

and so it goes on. I have 3 LO's to share. They're all of Nicholas as he was feeling a little neglected as there have been quite a few of Penny lately. "First Boat Ride" was done at Cassie's class at the shop 10 dyas ago and I completed it at our scrapping afternoon on Sunday. I did the "Down and Dirty" LO in the class at the shop on Tuesday night and then came home and added some stamping. Nick loved the ants.
On the "Golly Gee He's 3" LO I used some flock for the title which for all of the non-scrappers is not a swear word. It is a substance that looks like fine velvet fluff when you cut up velvet and is frightfully expensive for what it is. I haven't had a lot of luck with keeping the flock on LO's but with this one I cut out double-sided adhesive paper (Jak paper), stuck it to the LO, added the flock pushing it into the adhesive paper and then for the big secret - I sprayed it with Matte photo spray (also frightfully expensive and in a huge can - willing to share if anyone needs it). The spray darkened the cardstock slightly but best of all I can rub my finger over the flocked letters and the fluff doesn't budge.
I had another golf lesson on Wednesday which recapped last week and then added some putting. Golf certainly is one hard game! Penny and I visited the driving range on Tuesday and I went in my lunch hour again today. Little by little I am improving. Penny didn't think it was much fun watching.
Nick came home all excited yesterday with a notice about basketball. A man from the basketball association came to their PE lesson and did some skills and then indicated that he was running a 5wk clinic for 5-12yo on a Wednesday afternoon. While Nick's short stature will be a big impedance, he'll certainly make up for it in enthusiasm. He has also decided finally that he wants to play soccer too so training is on Wednesday nights after basketball and then the soccer game is on Saturday. It will be a great way for him to expend his endless energy.
Penny is off to dancing on Saturday morning. We are attending Kinda Dance which includes the Mum or Dad. She tried on her leotard, tutu and ballet shoes yesterday and danced to ballet on her Wiggles DVD. She looked gorgeous.


Sandra L said...

Penny is just a bit cute there Rachael. Boy are you going to be busy on Saturday and Wednesday. Though it is all worth it.

Petrina McDonald said...

Oh she looks just gorgeous!!!! Here's hoping next week's lesson will be more enjoyable for her.