Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Pirate Penny

We attended 2 birthday parties on Saturday. The morning pirate party was for a little girl who Penny attends daycare with. As we had been away from daycare, we only received the invitation on Friday morning leaving little time to put together a costume. She still looked pretty cute, I think. The party was at a park at the beach that we hadn't discovered before so the children had a great time. After a much needed slumber that I had to wake Penny from we were onto the next party for our 5 yr old friend Lleyton. The children played lots of party games and had more fun.
On Sunday after I had cleaned the house and done a mountain of ironing from the holiday, we sat down with a few friends to watch the rugby league grand final which was a relaxing way to top off the weekend.

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Petrina McDonald said...

oh Penny - you are a gorgeous pirate!!! aaarrrrrgggghhh ;-)