Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Play Dates

The children have had many play dates these holidays. Last Thursday afternoon, Lleyton and Aida came to visit. They all had a great time playing with the train set and then it was off outside for some excavation, bubbles and running races. Aida enjoyed pushing Penny's dolly stroller around outside but she was a little perturbed by the enormity of our very friendly dog, Zoe. She felt safest in the sandpit. Penny was a little disappointed to miss out as she was at daycare but she has seen Lleyton and Aida twice since Thursday
On Saturday night we had a lovely barbecue with old and new friends and children (14 of us). Although I spent most of Saturday in the kitchen preparing I really enjoyed myself. I made some smoked salmon tartlets and an avocado dip to go with the anchovy stuffed olives and camembert for befores, and then I made a potato and tomato bake, tomato and marinated boccocini salad and a modified cesear salad with a red wine vinegar dressing to accompany the steak and sausages. My big flop was the pavlova for dessert as it just disintegrated when I took it out of the oven. I solved the problem by covering it with lashings of Kahlua cream, strawberries and kiwi fruit. We also had Cointreau strawberries. Strawberries are so cheap and delicious at present but unfortunately they are near the end of the season.
On Sunday we all woke up feeling a little exhausted as we didn't get to bed until after 10.30pm (kids as well). Craig toddled off to golf and the children and I enjoyed a couch day watching DVDs. We watched Surfs Up (very cute with a lovely message) together and I watched Made of Honour (totally predictable but I just love McDreamy). The children watched Flushed Away on Sunday evening and loved it. On Monday we went to pick up the DVD I reserved - Horton Hears A Who which I thought Penny would like but it was too old for her. It took a bit of convincing to get Nick to watch it. Not the best kids movie I've seen. Last night Craig and I watched 27 Dresses and I really enjoyed it - quite funny in parts.
On Monday afternoon I had 2 close friends and their children over for afternoon tea to celebrate one friend's birthday and catch up. We had a lovely time although it went far too quickly. We haven't caught up for so long so we have decided to go to dinner or a movie once a month and set the date for next month. I decorated a sponge with green icing and M&M's and we sang happy birthday which the children loved as much as blowing out the candles.
We went to swimming lessons today and then into the swim park again with out friends. Nick had a great time although Penny felt a little chilly because of the strong winds so didn't have much of a play. Penny really cracked me up tonight. After having her bath I asked her to get her brush. She came out brushing her hair back from her face and said, "(I am) so beautiful". It was hilarious because of the tone she said it in, and we had a good laugh. Well must be off as I have work tomorrow. Have a good week.

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