Sunday, 5 October 2008

The End ...

of the holidays has come around so fast. Nick has had fun, restful holidays. Last Wednesday he visited the Botanical Gardens with vacation care where they enjoyed a sausage sizzle, ride on the steam train and feeding the ducks. On Thursday he had a play with his friend's Lleyton and Aida whilst I was at the hairdresser and then we had fun in the afternoon shopping. We also visited the Arts Centre where there is an interactive exhibition on at present of white Lego bits which the children can build into tall buildings. It is called The Cubic Structural Evolution Project, created by a Danish man - Olafur Eliasson. Whilst we didn't have much time to build, Nick is looking forward to going back to the exhibition later in the month with his school class to build a monstrosity. On Friday, Nick visited the Bucca Retreat with vacation care. They had a great time canoeing and swimming and best of all the scary, twisty water slide. He was a tired little man on Friday evening. Craig's Mum joined us for dinner on Friday night as she has just returned from Canada and Alaska. She gave us all gifts and showed us her photos -all 664 of them and they were magic. What a beautiful part of the world.

Saturday saw Craig and Nick off to sink some crab pots in the river in search of mud crab. They also did a little fishing and were very successful in catching 2 flathead. Sadly a huge flathead got away although Craig thought possibly it was too big to keep. We gave the flathead to our favourite next door neighbours, Ted and Aileen as we prefer our reef fish. Penny and I didn't go on the fishing expedition as planned as my whole body ached and Penny's ear ached so we visited the doctor instead.

The children attended their friend, Lleyton's 4th birthday party on Saturday afternoon. They had so much fun eating great party food and playing party games in the backyard. The highlight appeared to be the little parachute men which you throw up into the air and watch float down to earth. I remember having fun with these as a child. Penny wore her new JK outfit and Nick his new bear cap and shirt that Grandma brought back from her trip to Canada.

We're up early on Sunday morning to go out fishing and collect the crab pots. Penny and I felt much better so we could join the boys. Whilst our efforts at catching crabs and fish were quite fruitless we had fun nevertheless and it was a great family time out in the open air. We did pump these most amazingly huge yabbies though. They really were way too big to catch whiting on.

Nick has a pupil free day tomorrow so he is going to spend the day with his Grandma whilst I go to work and Penny goes to daycare. Then school begins on Tuesday for the final chapter of Nick's Prep year. Wow hasn't it flown!


Petrina McDonald said...

oh we must get in to the arts centre and build a monstrosity ourselves!! I forgot about that!!! That flat head looks like a good sized monstrosity as well ;-)

Sandra L said...

Sounds like you guys have been non stop these holidays. You might just need a holiday to get over the school holidays. LOL. Have a great week.