Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Green & Pink

are my favourite girly LO colours at present. I'll have to challenge myself to NOT scrap with them.
On other fronts, Craig has very kindly shared his revolting cough and cold with Penny and I. Whilst he is now better, I have a terrible cold and Penny visited the doctor yesterday morning with a very painful ear infection. As a result she has unfortunately had to begin a course antibiotics as this has been an ongoing problem for over 3 weeks. After a huge sleep yesterday morning Penny has improved enormously but I am feeling horrendous today. Luckily, I didn't have to work today.
Unfortunately my plans to continue spring cleaning the house are on hold for the moment. I completely cleaned out Nicholas' room on Monday and changed it all around much to his surprise and delight.
OK off to take some more cold drugs and have a rest.


Nina said...

get well soon!

Petrina McDonald said...

you work so well with the pink and green!!! These look sensational. I hope you are feeling better soon. Such a shame we couldn't get together today :(

Sandra L said...

Those LO look great. It's been an awful season for flus and colds. I do hope you are feeling better soon. Sandra