Monday, 27 October 2008

Knocking It Down ...

On Sunday morning, the children and I visited the arts centre where they have had a white Lego exhibition which I had mentioned earlier in a previous post. Nicholas and I visited it in the holidays and then Nick went back on Wednesday with his class and had some time to build. He says he built a space ship. The reason all of the Lego is white is that it doesn't allow for discrimination by colour and just promotes construction. Well it was time for the exhibition to end and for it to move to the next art gallery. The Lego goes back to Brisbane to be put in bags and then placed in a washing machine and onto the dryer.
Not before we broke each construction up into single pieces. We stayed for an hour by which time the novelty had worn off for Nick and I and we had sore, red fingers.
The novelty wore off in the first 5 minutes for Miss P but she managed to keep entertained!

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Petrina McDonald said...

well no one from this house came home with that much information!!!! I'll have to ask the kids if they know what happened to the lego after they finished with it.