Monday, 20 October 2008

Stage Show

Nick and Penny decided to put on a stage show on Saturday morning. They pulled the lid off the sand pit and put it in the middle of the lawn. Penny was up first showing off her dancing queen and sing star style whilst Nick set the mood by blowing bubbles. Next Nick was up and he was a cross between an Aboriginal dancer and a Ninja Turtle with Penny blowing bubbles in the background. It was very amusing!

We've had a lovely day at home today, being a pupil free day at school. The kids built a cubby in the garage and played in it for hours. They also had fun outside with the bubbles and playing in the sand pit. Despite the odd spat, they had a really good day enjoying each other's company. Back to school tomorrow.
PS. Some of you may be interested to hear that the unsupervised painting went well with only a few paint spatters on the floor-thank goodness.


Petrina McDonald said...

phew - paint splatters are easily fixed ;-) Will they be selling tix to the next stage show?
Love, P

Sandra L said...

The imagination of children is so great. I bet they kept you entertained for ages.