Thursday, 28 August 2008

Get Well Soon ...

Well the children are feeling much better, but my poor Mum fell over at tennis on Tuesday and badly fractured her left forearm. She then proceeded to surgery that evening and had it pin and plated. As she lives in Adelaide I am unable to see her but she is returning home today hopefully so will phone this evening. Thank goodness she is right handed but doing the washing, ironing, cooking, driving and most daily tasks will be a struggle for a while. Mum must be getting Dad back for all of the therapy she had to do with him over the past 5 years when he had his 2 knee replacements! She has to mend quickly as they are booked to go to England and Italy for a month in early October - time will tell.

Today is my last child-free day for some time due to increased work committments so I have enjoyed a new gym workout, and managed to have some time at the photo shop to print off some photos - can't wait to collect them this afternoon. Nicholas and I will go out for coffee and cake after school today and then on to find a present for his father for Father's Day. Speaking of which I must go and get creative as I have a number of birthday cards, father's day cards and now a get well card to make.

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