Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Layouts Galore

Shock, horror! I have produced 3 LO's in the last few days. I think my mojo is returning. On Sunday, my monthly scrapping group celebrated Christmas In July. We dressed up, ate Christmas fare and swapped little presents. I received a most gorgeous feathered scarf in pinks and oranges - thank you secret Santa. We had a lot of fun. I produced 2 LO's and then I did the "bowl cut" LO for this month's scrapjack last night.
Nick received worker of the week last Friday which he was very excited about as we were proud. Penny's curls have returned - just add water!
I've had a lovely pamper day today with having my hair and nails done. We have the medical ball to look forward to this weekend so primping and preening has begun. Hopefully I'll have time to take photos of us all spruced up.

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Linda M said...

Hope you enjoy the ball Rachael.