Monday, 6 July 2009

Over half way...

through the school holidays. Nick and I had a great day together last Wednesday. We went to see Ice Age 3 with Petrina and her children which we really enjoyed. We then ventured to Toyworld to spend Nicholas' birthday money on Bakugans (little round balls that open up into little creatures when they hit their magnetic gate card) and the gameboard. Nicholas has really taken to the bakugan craze although he is a little young to work out the game as it is very complicated. We've had a few games but he has to be able to play it with someone who can read and add up. After Toyworld Nick wanted to go to McDonalds for lunch and a play.
We were busy painting the door hangers on the weekend which turned out really well. It was Nicholas' idea to apply the glitter whilst the paint was still wet which was very effective. I sprayed them with matte photo spray to stop the glitter from coming off.
On Sunday we got busy and made baby meringues and joined them together with chocolate. We made them as a gift for our dinner hosts last night, Marcus and Maree. We had the most delicious roast lamb and veg followed by a delicious fruit filled pavlova.
I also managed to complete this LO over the weekend.
Today was a quiet day at home which was very relaxing. The weather has turned cold during the day although you couldn't tell from Penny's attire over the weekend. She has taken to getting all of her summer clothes out and changing them about 5 times a day! Nick found this very beautiful and unusually patterned bug this morning in the garden and wanted me to photograph it. I think it might be time we bought him his first camera.

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Sandra L said...

Hi Rachael, looks like you guys are having a great holiday. I do need to take my camera out a little more. Enjoy the rest of the holidays.