Sunday, 24 October 2010

5 Today!

Our princess Penny turned 5 today. She has had a very happy day with a party for 15 friends, presents, lollies, presents, afternoon tea with Grandma, Nan and Ted and Aileen and presents (did I mention those). She didn't need much convincing to go to bed tonight. Photos below of her cake which I created with a little help from the Women's Weekly magazine and also our take on "pin the tail on the donkey". She also had pass the parcel and best of all a treasure hunt. She has had a wonderful day playing with all of her new toys.

***Happy birthday to my sister Robyn who celebrated her birthday on Friday. Hope you had a good day Rob xxx ***

Thank you to all for their kind words of sympathy on the loss of our dog, Zoe. We miss her dearly but it is getting easier with each day.
This week will be spent organising a Halloween costume for Nick who has a Halloween party to attend next Sunday. He's back to his fine form with spelling again - another 20/20! Well done Nick!
Have a good week.
 Rach xxx


Linda M said...

Happy birthday Penny sounds as if she had a fun day.

Petrina McDonald said...

that cake is OUT OF CONTROL!! go you!!! and happy birthday little miss p - i cannot believe you are 5 already!

Shandell said...

Penny's cake is amazing!!