Saturday, 7 March 2009

Cyclone Watch

We're keeping an eye on cyclone Hamish as it has been forecast to come down parallel with the Qld east coast. Craig has cleaned up the back yard and we'll think about packing away all of the chairs and tables, cubby house and sandpit toys depending on the forecast tomorrow. They are forecasting it to become a category 3 cyclone and to be adjacent to Yeppoon by Monday morning. Watch and wait!I created this card this afternoon for Craig's aunty. We're attending her surprise 50th party.
We survived the busy week although feel quite tired. Penny didn't have a very long attention span at dancing this morning but she coped incredibly well with 4 days of daycare. I think it helps that she still has a sleep everyday. Nick is sleeping on the weekends too so that he catches up. Nick wanted to take some earthworms to school for show and tell this week so we dug them out of the garden on Sunday. We visited the internet and wrote down some interesting earthworm facts and Nick drew some pictures to jog his memory. Unfortunately the talk was forgotten on Monday but after big apologies from his teacher he did his talk on Tuesday morning. The other year 1 class also came to have a look at them. We have some quite fat worms out the side of our house! After the worms had been played with on a tray they were put in the school garden as they had become too smelly to bring home. It reminds me of when I was a child and I used to dig in the dirt and keep worms in a jar.

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