Monday, 9 March 2009

What is it doing?

I think I am coming to realise what a control freak I am as I can't stand this cyclone's indecisiveness. I was feeling more relaxed this morning when the path was shown heading out to sea by Wednesday but then late this afternoon the path kept turning anti-clockwise and it is heading straight back for us again. As Craig keeps telling me, it is too unpredictable to really tell what it will do on Wednesday. At least they are downgrading it to grade 2 by Wednesday afternoon, but this could change too. It has become much windier here today - 40+knots but we haven't had a huge amount of rain yet. Again, time will tell but I really wish it was over so that I could look forward to my birthday on Friday. Oh crikey it's Friday the 13th, is it an omen? Only joking!

Here is a family photo that we had taken yesterday. Nick needs it for show and tell at school tomorrow. Disgustingly it is the first family photo we have had taken in about 3 years as I'm always behind the camera. While it's not the best it will do and I like it.

I also finished a LO yesterday that I started over a week ago but I couldn't finish it as I was waiting for the red spot letters (Patch) to arrive. I am in scrapbooking retreat mode now designing sketches for LO's and putting papers and embellishments together with photos so that I get as many LO's completed as possible. The retreat is only 3.5 weeks away and is in a bush setting about 25mins from home. The accommodation is basic but the homestyle cooking is delicious and the friendships formed and nurtured are precious.


Petrina McDonald said...

the indecisiveness of this cyclone is killing me too! Not to mention how it is making me severely pre-menstrual. That's my excuse, anyway. Gosh I hope I don't forget to wish you a happy birthday on Friday. But I likely will forget. No excuse there - just me. Have a good one! Love P

Sandra L said...

Have a great day on Friday. I just love birthdays. I too will be glad when Hamish disappears. Though I am most glad that there hasn't been too much horror with this cyclone.

Cassie and Co said...

Happy birthday sweetie. Thank you so much for the e card. Now if I work out how to do it, I'll send one right back at you. Have a drink for me and good luck with getting things ready for the retreat.
Love Cass